WWE Rumors: Three Reasons Roman Reigns’ Potential ‘SmackDown’ Trade Is Good

Though it’s only been rumored that Roman Reigns will be traded from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown Live, the latest WWE rumors about his trade when the draft opens up continue to persist. And while fans of Raw credit Roman Reigns with keeping the ratings on the show high — and thus, are devastated to learn about his potential trade — there are three reasons why, if the rumored trade does go through, it will be a positive thing.

1. The Social Media Factor
In Forbes‘ latest round of WWE rumors, they point out that one of the reasons why Roman Reigns — and Monday Night Raw — is successful in ways that SmackDown Live is not, is the social media factor. Put simply, according to Forbes, when Roman Reigns comes out, Twitter goes wild. A fan-made video of Roman Reigns got more than 6,000 retweets in just an hour — which is pretty impressive, but even more remarkable when you consider that a so-called “official” Tweet — put out by the official, verified WWE page — on another wrestler in that same time frame got only about 1700 retweets.

Reigns going to SmackDown Live, then, will up the social media factor for SmackDown Live almost exponentially, and that’s something that the blue brand desperately needs.

2. The Quality of the Superstars Available
According to Wrestling News‘s latest round of WWE rumors, no less of an authority than former WWE superstar (who is currently making a comeback) Kurt Angle has commented that the current roster available for Reigns to battle leaves much to be desired. Angle, who is also a former Olympic gold medalist and current inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, thinks that Reigns could quickly become a beloved wrestler if he had a better choice of superstars to choose from.

“He noted that WWE didn’t want him to have to go through the wringer and win secondary titles but instead they just threw him into the main event picture and the fans didn’t like that. He noted that WWE was trying to push him faster then he should’ve been and that he’ll earn the respect of the fans but that it will take time. He said that it wasn’t a hard choice for Vince McMahon to pick Reigns and that’s why he continues to push him.”

In other words, it’s a sorry state of affairs when the best Roman Reigns can do is Braun Strowman. Imagine how much better he can — and will — do if given the opportunity to fight against John Cena, AJ Styles, and his former Shield stablemate Dean Ambrose.

3. The World Championship
According to Bleacher Report‘s latest round of WWE rumors, Reigns has done as much as he could with the Raw brand. He’s already won titles and belts, and frankly, the only belt that’s proven elusive to him is the World Championship belt, which is the cream of the crop of WWE titles.

And there’s a good reason he hasn’t won that belt: because it’s on the blue brand, not the red one.

Furthermore, Bleacher Report suggests that the latest bookings for Reigns are heading in the World Championship belt direction, even though it’s not obvious to wrestling fans right now.

“In any other scenario, a stretch of that nature would equal bad things for the Superstar in question. Reigns is supposed to be The Big Dog, after all; anything other than a win is not enough. But despite how it may look right now, there’s no doubting Reigns is headed in the right direction.”

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think Roman Reigns belongs on the blue brand or the red one?

Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors in the comments below.

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