WWE News: The Rock Rumored To Be Making Return To WWE RAW Tonight In Los Angeles

The Rock has been away from the WWE since WrestleMania 32 of last year, but there is a good chance The Great One makes his triumphant return to the WWE tonight on WWE RAW. Since coming back to WWE a number of years ago, he told fans that he would never be going away again. He meant that, while he will not be there every week anymore, he would show up off and on and would always try to make WrestleMania each year…wrestling or not.

He was gone around seven years before returning to the company and did not want to leave WWE fans hanging again when he could easily add WWE into his schedule 30-minute. The Rock is still doing huge movies and of course television shows like Ballers on HBO, which was his project from the beginning. This is in addition to his new production company called Seven Buck Productions, which now has teamed up with WWE Studios.

WWE Studios and The Rock will be putting a movie together on the life of the Knight Family, which includes WWE Superstar Paige. Obviously, when you add The Rock to a project a lot of eyeballs are connected. He is the biggest star in the world, not just in WWE or Hollywood. He has made billions for movies and helped revitalize franchises like the Fast and Furious, Jumanji, and Journey movies. This is not even including the nostalgia and now Superhero movies he’s in.

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It is not shocking to think that he would help bring eyeballs to other things he and his production company take part in. The new movie about Paige and her family is called Fighting with My Family, with many up and coming and top name stars. Vince Vaughn, Nick Frost, and Lena Headey are connected to the project along with The Rock himself being part of it.

Filming is underway already with Stephen Merchant as the director. Interestingly, they just so happen to be filming the movie in The Staples Center right now in Los Angeles, California. WWE RAW will be coming out of the same arena tonight, which has made many believe that The Rock will show up for the show. Wrestlingnewssource is reporting that the likelihood is high due to all of these factors, and it makes total sense when you think about it.

He has a lot to promote, such as his new movie Baywatch as well as the upcoming Fast film. This is on top of the Knight Family movie that he will most likely speak of to get people talking. With The Rock working with WWE Studios on the film, the company will be sure to promote the crap out of it when it’s good to go…which could be by WrestleMania time next year. Paige is due to back to WWE by this summer, so she would be around to help promote it.

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It makes total sense for The Rock to appear due to WrestleMania season too. He may set something up tonight that will lead into WrestleMania, not so much for a match but possibly a big segment that will air during the show with another WWE Superstar. Clearly, WWE has the glorious opportunity to make something big happen tonight that will only help boost WrestleMania as The Rock being part of it in some way is seemingly obvious.

That said, why not set something up for him that would culminate at WrestleMania while you have him around? It is something most would do in a situation like this as you truly did not have the option to do that with The Rock last year. That left WWE to do a random 30-minute segment with him that saw The Rock basically beat up every member of The Wyatt Family. It also allowed for WWE to throw John Cena into the show as well.

It was a mess, and WWE fans did not care for it…as the extra time that segment took could have very well gone to some other matches to make them better. Of course, the entire WrestleMania 32 event was a hit and miss show, so this was not an event only ruined by The Rock. All of this being said, it would be smart for WWE to set something up tonight that the company can do something with later, as you would just get a better segment out of it.

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