‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers – Episode 9: Fantasy Suite Brings Drama And Sex?

Two of the biggest episodes of every single season of The Bachelor are the hometown dates and the overnight dates. Next week, Nick Viall will travel to Lapland, Finland, with the three remaining women to select his final two. Before doing that, they must head to the Fantasy Suite for the overnight dates, and a lot of questions will be left unanswered while the drama is going to hit an all-time high.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of The Bachelor starring Nick Viall. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Tonight, the hometown dates will take place in Episode 8 of The Bachelor, and many fans will finally get what they have wanted for so long. Yes, Corinne Olympios has been trying desperately to have sex with Viall, but she won’t get the chance in the Fantasy Suite, as she will be gone.

With her elimination, the remaining three women are Vanessa Grimaldi, Rachel Lindsay, and Raven Gates for the overnight dates. Here is the episode where not a lot of details are released until the episode actually airs, so spoilers are quite limited.

Reality Steve reports that as is typical every season, there won’t be a lot known after the doors close for the night of each date. Unless someone comes around later on after the season is over and reveals the secrets, the details are usually kept under lock and key.

That includes knowing who Nick Viall will sleep with on the dates. There are rumors floating around out there, but this info is rather difficult to find out, and some are wondering if this year’s leading man has added to his rather high total of women with whom he has had sex.

Anything is possible during this episode, but there is a little bit of serious information that is already known, and it is which woman goes home. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, that woman will be Rachel Lindsay, and ABC made sure to spoil that on their own by announcing her as the lead on the next season of The Bachelorette.

This was a huge surprise for fans as it was so unlike ABC to spoil their own show two whole episodes before Rachel’s elimination even happens. It is even more shocking because so many people thought that she and Nick were so close and falling in love. As she told People, the break-up surprised even her.

“I was definitely heartbroken over the situation. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t think it would end that way for me.

“Time heals all. Since then, I’ve been able to get back into work and be with family and friends, I’ve moved on from it. My biggest thing is, I just want Nick to be happy. If he’s found that with someone else, then that makes me happy too.”

Rachel may have received the first impression rose in the season opener, and she did last a long time, but it simply wasn’t meant to be.

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Don’t expect any more cliffhangers this season as ABC has really caught up with what the spoiler sites have been saying for so long. There are not going to be any further “To Be Continued” moments to push the rose ceremony eliminations to the next episode or anything like that. Look for things to happen in order and as described above.

Besides, ABC is doing more than enough to spoil their own shows by giving away information regarding future series.

When Episode 9 of The Bachelor is over, Nick Viall is going to have it down to the final two women who could capture his heart as his true love. The hometown dates are one thing, but the drama is upped so much more when they head into the Fantasy Suite for the overnight dates. Rachel Lindsay might be finished with The Bachelor, but she is heading into her own as the next lead on The Bachelorette, and the sadness has been left behind in Finland.

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