Sony using Nazis to sell PlayStation 3 [UPDATE]

[Update: Seems this wasn’t actually sanctioned by Sony, after all. A sheepish BBDO has admitted that it sent the advert – a “mock campaign” – to festivals without Sony’s permission. Read more here.]

Sony has never been too shy about pushing controversial ad campaigns for its consoles, and I guess this could safely be called controversial.

Over in Chile, the company has hired ad agency BBDO to produce PS3 adverts featuring … World War II Afrikakorps General and famous Nazi Erwin Rommel. Because that’ll work out well, right?

The advert depicts a prone Rommel lying on a bed (with a swastika on its frame) and receiving a blood transfusion from a modern generic gamer. The point presumably being: PS3 brings history to life! Or Sony wants to revive Nazism. I can’t work out which. Either way: shit hitting fan in three, two …

On a less unsavoury note, an accompanying ad shows another gamer giving a heart transplant to the teenage French Catholic saint Joan of Arc. I have a feeling that one will be ignored when the furore kicks up, so here it is while it’s fresh in our minds:

[Copyranter, via Engadget]

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