Soulja Boy Slams Chris Brown, Says He’s ‘Too Scared’ To Fight Him

Chris Brown is feeling the wrath of Soulja Boy after the rapper claimed Brown is “scared” and refusing to sign the paperwork for the highly-publicized fight Chris challenged him to over Rihanna last month.

Soulja Boy took to Twitter on February 19 to put Brown on serious blast, telling his more than 5 million followers that Chris is allegedly refusing to sign the necessary paperwork that would allow them to get into the ring and fight it out amid their nasty feud.

The Shade Room posted screen captures of Soulja’s remarks on his fight with Brown to Instagram, in which the “Crank That” singer slammed Chris and claimed he’s now backing down from the fight, despite Brown being the one who initiated the confrontation last month.

“Obviously [Chris] don’t want fight. So I’m gonna leave him alone,” Soulja wrote on the social media site of his nasty feud with Chris, once again bringing up Brown’s famous ex-girlfriends Rihanna and Karrueche Tran who Soulja Boy initially claimed their feud started over. “Beef over just tell him don’t call my phone over a girl.”

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“Can’t believe this n**** scared to fight me sign the contract b**** a** n**** set up the boxing match,” Soulja then continued on Twitter as fans continue to speculate as to when his much-anticipated fight with Brown will actually be going down, while Boy claimed that Brown is now too “scared” to fight him.

“I caught two fades in the streets since this whole beef s*** and I won both fights,” Soulja continued of Brown in a slew of tweets that are still available on his Twitter page. “I guess Chris must heard and got scared lol come on boy.”

“N**** talked all that s*** just to back down and not sign the paper work,” Soulja Boy then continued on the social media site of Brown’s alleged reluctance to get into the ring and fight him. “Not about that life. No action. Don’t wanna hear about this ever.”

Chris Brown’s fans have been speculating about his fight with Soulja Boy for weeks, ever since their nasty feud drama boiled over in January, and the news that the fight may now be off will like come as a shock to fans as Chris even confirmed he was ready to fight Soulja amid their beef earlier this month.

According to XXL, Brown posted a video to Instagram on February 2 claiming he was still ready to head into the ring and fight, even telling his feud partner that he was going to “torture” him.

“When I pull up on ya, it’s going down,” Chris said in the video of the fight. “We’re going to set this fight up and do all that, but n****s gon’ always slick talk. And they know, when I’m in the same room, they chest deflating than a motherf*****. Boy, stop putting that superhero costume on, before we torture you.”

However, Chris has stayed seriously quiet about the fight ever since, despite Brown and Boy’s drama boiling over more than a month ago.

As reported by BBC News, Brown first challenged Soulja to a boxing match back in January after Soulja claimed their beef first began over how Chris treated ex-girlfriend Rihanna and after he then liked a photo of Karrueche, both of whom dated Brown for years, on Instagram.

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Confirming his fight with Brown in early January, Soulja then told fans that he’d already signed his contract to get into the ring with Chris, revealing on Instagram, “It’s going down! Signed my contract I’m leaving the fight with $1,000,000.”

The musician even went on to claim that he was already in training to fight Chris in the ring amid their feud, alleging that Floyd Mayweather was coaching him as he prepared to take down Brown. “Legally. Man to Man. No more dissing and no more talking. We in the ring with it. Challenge accepted,” he told Chris.

What do you think of Soulja Boy claiming that Chris Brown is “scared” and has backed down from their highly publicized fight?

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