‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 80: Will Gohan Emerge Victorious Against Lavenda?

Episode 79 certainly left fans wanting more given the fact that it was a very exciting and somewhat a comical episode where Majin Buu, after having received all attacks and blows from Basil of universe nine, decides to take his fight to the next level and at last defeat his opponent with little difficulty. The Gods of Destruction are astonished to see that Majin Buu, despite his lack of mannerisms which Whiss is apparently so ashamed of, could amount to such a powerful character. Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 will be a continuation of the preliminary round that commenced in the preceding episode. It features the next fight where Gohan confronts Lavenda, who is on the same team as Basil’s.


After the defeat of the participant Basil, Gohan enters the scene of battle and faces his opponent, Lavenda. Scenes from the next episode portrayed Lavenda as a cunning and treacherous enemy who will resort to any measure in order to win the fight and defeat his enemy. In Episode 79, Lavenda seeks permission to kill his opponent from his elder brother and when his brother agrees, Lavenda’s eyes show nothing less than malice, hatred and an undying urge to avenge Basil’s defeat. According to the official synopsis of Dragon Ball Super episode 80, Gohan will begin to release all his hidden power which had been lying latent all these years. Gohan has been making efforts to actualize his fighting potential which has been dormant for a couple of years now. After all, he has been training for the tournament with Piccolo. But Lavenda is not to be taken lightly firstly because of the fact that Goku couldn’t sense the ki of team universe nine. This, according to Goku, made the rivals very tricky opponents for them. Secondly, Lavenda seems to be an expert in deceiving and outwitting his opponents with quite a treacherous and duplicitous attitude and it would be no surprise if he tries something fishy on Gohan.


Episode 80’s highlights reveal that Lavenda will blind his opponent. Gohan, after being attacked by a poisonous gas becomes blinded and is unable to breathe very well. On top of that, it becomes even more difficult for Gohan to detect where his opponent is given the fact that he is not able to sense the ki or energy of his rival. This battle will be epic on every level. Even though the highlights show that Gohan will be on the losing end of the battle, there might be a turnaround for a brief period of time where Gohan overpowers Lavenda. However, it is sad that there is a more probable chance that Gohan might lose this one. Statistically speaking, if Majin Buu won the first battle and Goku will be the victor in the last battle, someone has to lose from team universe seven. Unfortunately, that will have to be Gohan, even though that is just speculation and fans will have to wait and see the real outcome of what happens in Gohan’s battle.

After the battle of Gohan and Lavenda, Goku will finally the last and most powerful opponent of universe nine. Perhaps Goku’s fight is what everyone is eagerly waiting for. His opponent will be tough indeed but remember, this is only the preliminary round and Goku might easily win if he goes on full power. However, he never underestimates his opponents and keeps his transformations hidden unless they become an absolute necessity. It also must not be forgotten that Goku has a few tricks up his sleeve as well, like the Mafuba technique he learned from Master Roshi. This technique is so powerful that fans got to see its true potential in the last chapter where the Mafuba had the potential to trap the eternal Zamasu.

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