‘The Catch’ 2017: Rebooting Into Sexy Rom-Com Good Girl/Bad Boy Romantic Comedy

The Catch is returning on March 9 on ABC, transformed from a stylish detective and mystery drama into a stylish and sexy rom-com. Why is this Shonda Rhimes produced show rebooting into a romantic comedy and will Ben and Alice get back together? If so, should we expect the good girl/bad boy vibe between Alice and Ben to continue? There are potential spoilers here for anyone who still plans on viewing the first season of the ABC show, so please be warned. So, what changes are going to be made?

The Catch stars Six Feet Under actor Peter Krause, as Benjamin Jones, a seductive and charming con man, and The Killing actress Mireille Enos, as Alice Vaughn, the co-owner of a private investigation firm who unwittingly finds herself swindled by her con artist fiancé. Each episode finds Alice’s investigation firm handling a new case, while Alice tries to find Ben.

In the first half of the premier season, Alice is trying to find Ben and give him some payback. Soon, she finds herself in danger from the very people that Ben works with and Ben does everything he can to protect her. This good girl/bad boy chemistry is steamy and seductive. The dialogue witty. The cat and mouse game charmingly addictive. Ben’s romantic gestures bowl over the tough Alice and the two are entwined once again.

The finale episode has the couple planning on leaving and staring a new life after a wedding. Their plans are foiled when Alice gets arrested for the painting Ben stole when she went back to her place to get her bag to leave. The painting, entitled Alone Together by artist Maria Kreyn, was highly symbolic about their love and their relationship. The season ended with Ben coming foreword and announcing he was guilty and made the ultimate romantic gesture by falling on his sword for Alice.

The showrunner for The Catch, Allan Heinberg, explained why they have chosen to go more rom-com than just be a mystery drama show: to develop characters. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the intention is to “explore the soap elements of their lives,” which is characteristic of all Shondaland productions like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

“The case work … was really challenging. We were finding out what the show was as we went. I owed the network and audience a ‘case of the week’ every week, and they were hard to break and took up an enormous amount of real estate in the script.”

The decade-long Shondaland veteran, Heinberg further explained that new viewers do not need to catch up with the first season to enjoy the new season. Each episode of the second season are frothy, sexy, and funny stand alone episodes.

“We want you to come on board at any time. Once you see the fun we’re having and how sexy and playful the show is, it really is a romp and a lot of fun and very different from Grey’s and Scandal and it’ll hook you. Watch and you’ll have a good time.”

Although it’s not necessary to watch the previous season, but if anyone who is new to The Catch, there is still plenty of time to get caught up in the entertaining first season, as The Catch is available online.

In new the new season, the lines between Alice and Ben, the good girl investigator and the bad boy con man become blurred and even more complicated, according to Peter Krause who plays Benjamin Jones.

“The lines get blurred between these two in legitimate and illegitimate way.”

The second season of The Catch will add a couple of new characters, including Gina Torres, whose law enforcement character is currently kept “under wraps” according to Variety. In addition, Shondaland alum T.R. Knight is going to be a guest star, portraying Alice’s brother who has his own set of problems and drama. Rhys Griffiths, the entertaining and cruel con artist brilliantly portrayed by John Simm is also returning.

There is no word if Nia Vardalos, star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding will reprise her role as Leah Wells, counterfeiter extraordinaire (and her adorable dog, Paul McCartney), or whether Mireille Enos’ husband, iconic co-star of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Alan Ruck, will return to the show as Gordon Bailey, the ex-husband of Alice’s business partner and suspicious best friend, Valerie Anderson, played by Rose Rollins.

Season 2 of The Catch broadcasts on March 9 on ABC. Are you ready for some seriously good romantic comedy?


Are you looking forward to The Catch, Season 2? Are you interested in the rebooting of the show and turning it from a mystery drama to a rom-com? Do you want to see Ben and Alice back together?

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