Chris Harrison Says ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall ‘Level-Headed’ On Date With Corinne

During last week’s episode of The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios was a little bummed out she didn’t get a one-on-one date. As things are getting near to the end of the season, and she wanted to waste no time in getting extra chummy with Nick Viall, she created her own one-on-one, in a way. According to host Chris Harrison, writing on his Yahoo blog, the encounter showed both Corinne and Nick to be responsible, because they declined to take it too far.

“No matter how you feel about Corinne, you must give her credit for being unapologetically herself and honest about how she’s feeling at any given minute. And of course, there is the temptation on both sides to take things to the next level, but Nick and Corinne were both responsible and were able to hold back. I’m not sure everyone else could have stayed level-headed in that situation!”

In case any Bachelor fans were wondering exactly went on behind the scenes of that encounter can get their answer from Viall himself. According to a Us Weekly article, they did nothing more than kiss, even though Olympios made overtures to the camera about going much further than that. It was just one example of the ongoing narrative that surrounds Corinne — that she’s too immature to date someone 12 years her senior and uses her attractiveness as a way of getting to the end of the game.

Interestingly, Viall did not fault Olympios for being assertive. He said there was nothing wrong with focusing on moving the relationship forward. He did not, however, want to revisit his past dramas on The Bachelorette. During Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, much was made of their pre-fantasy suite encounter, the audio of which was broadcast. Us Weekly quotes this year’s Bachelor as saying proceeding with a physical relationship too early can be as difficult on the contestants as the lead.

“I’ve made the mistake of moving things too fast — things get very complicated. Had something gone down, and I’m not even talking all the way, like maybe we went to second base, it could be very confusing for her to process what happened, thinking, ‘Maybe I’m very confident, but who knows.’ So it wasn’t the time or the place.”

Despite Corinne’s stated intentions, from Nick’s perspective, she was never going to be able to show him her oft-boasted-about skills as the art of love, at least not that evening. That’s the reason why Nick never even bothered to remove his microphone.

“At no time that evening was I planning on anything physical happening.”

Corinne’s outside The Bachelor life will come into the spotlight Monday night when Nick goes home to meet her family — including her nanny. As ET Online reported, Corinne’s family objected to the show’s portrayal of her and the woman who reportedly makes her bed in the morning. Corrine’s mother described her nanny as a part of the family. Nonetheless, the idea of a 24-year-old purported business owner having help to take care of her basic needs is easy fodder for the reality program built in part on the appeal of outrageous personalities.

Before this season started, Corinne told Glamour that her Bachelor role model couple is actually the one that caused Nick the most recent heartbreak: Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe. Olympios, in particular, liked what Shawn and Kaitlyn have done “on social media.”

The Bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC.

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