‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 80: Why Gohan Would Win Lavenda’s Unfair Fight

Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 would feature one of the most unforgiving battles in the anime so far. Faced with a bloodthirsty opponent with a penchant for using unfair techniques, Goku’s firstborn son, Gohan, is set to face his most dangerous opponent yet. With the character nerfed for the most part of DBS, however, is there really any way for Gohan to win next week’s fight?

The answer is a resounding yes. While rumors are abounding that the powerful half-Saiyan would be losing the match against Universe 9’s Lavenda, Gohan’s past fight record suggests that Gohan might very well pull a rabbit out of his hat and dominate his opponent in the later stages of the battle. After all, while the half-Saiyan has been out of commission for the greater part of DBS, it is important to remember that Gohan has been fighting dangerous enemies all his life. Here are some reasons why Gohan would win against Lavenda, despite the latter’s unfair tactics.

His Practically Unlimited Potential

It should be noted that despite being out of the battlefield since the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, Gohan has spent most of his life, as a child, teen, and adult, fighting opponents that are extremely dangerous. When he was but a child back in Dragon Ball Z, he faced Frieza on his own, giving his father enough time to recover and continue the battle against the formidable villain. Later on, his innate potential was unlocked and he ended up dominating Majin Buu without even transforming.

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Gohan’s performance in his fight against Evil Buu in Dragon Ball Z is extremely notable since it shows just how much raw power the character has, as noted by numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit. Considering that Evil Buu was able to give SSJ3 Goku a run for his money and the character was even able to overpower the fusion fighter Gotenks, Gohan’s capability to dominate the villain in his base form is proof that latent abilities-wise, Goku’s firstborn son is probably the strongest among the Z fighters.

He Is Used To Unfair Fights

Gohan has been trained all his life to face opponents that are stronger than himself. During Dragon Ball Z, Goku specifically told Gohan to fight against the Saiyans despite him being a child. Later on, the character ended up trading blows against Frieza, a villain who has wasted the series’ strongest fighters such as Vegeta and Goku to give time for his father to recover. Despite being outmatched in raw power, Gohan somehow always finds a way to persevere.

Thus, despite Lavenda’s tendency to use unfair tactics in a fight, the battle between the Universe 9 fighter would be familiar ground for Gohan. Though it has already been revealed that Goku’s firstborn son would not be able to see nor detect his opponent’s ki, the half-Saiyan’s fighting spirit should be enough to effectively hold off his opponent’s assault.

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Gohan Is Not Weak Anymore

While not shown onscreen, it has been significantly hinted that Gohan has been training under Piccolo since he lost his power in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Super. On the last couple of filler arcs, Gohan has also shown some degree of fighting prowess, from vanquishing Watagash to fighting toe to toe with his father in their SSJ forms.

With this in mind, it appears safe to say that the Gohan fighting against Lavenda would not be the same Gohan who strains from just using his SSJ form. If any, the half-Saiyan that would be fighting next week would be the same fighter that was respected and feared in Dragon Ball Z as a warrior who could very well exceed his father in terms of power and fighting finesse. Considering this, Lavenda would probably be the unfortunate character to receive Gohan’s redemptive blows.

Dragon Ball Super is well into the Universe Survival Arc, and from what could be seen so far, it appears that the saga would be the best that the franchise has shown yet. The fight against Buu and Basil from Universe 7, for one, echoed numerous tropes from DBZ and the original Dragon Ball series. With this, fans of the franchise could expect the anime to only get better.


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