Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Resurface As Royal Couple Returns To London

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors are swirling again after one report revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William will be announcing the pregnancy this 2017.

It is no secret that any information about updates on the royal family have become quite a viral over the internet and Kate Middleton — being the Duchess of Cambridge — has grown quite used to it.

In fact, rumors about the 35-year-old duchess being pregnant have become a trending topic in 2016 and have been highly sensationalized by the media.

While Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have been shot down repeatedly, another report from Express UK surfaced noting that there may be a chance that the highly-speculated pregnancy will happen this 2017.

According to the outlet, Kate’s nest with Prince William “will be slightly emptier” starting in September, 2017, as Prince George — their first born son and third in line to the throne — will begin his schooling.

With this in mind, the outlet cited “Royal fans” speculating that the couple would soon decide to add another member to their family. Bookmakers Betfair even provided quite even odds that they will announce the coming of their third baby in 2017, proving how much people wish Kate Middleton pregnant speculations were true.

Aside from that, the outlet speculated that should news about Kate Middleton being pregnant become true, it will be known to the public as soon as the first trimester of the pregnancy. Explaining her history, Express UK noted that Kate suffered “acute morning sickness” during her first two pregnancies which forced her to not be able to attend to several royal engagements at that time.

Experts explain that the severity of morning sickness in women during their previous pregnancies tend to recur, with Dr. Mahantesh Karoshi citing a study on the matter.

“In women who have suffered recurrent bouts of severe morning sickness, studies suggest a markedly higher recurrence risk (80%) of severe nausea and vomiting in subsequent pregnancies.”

The gynecologist and obstetrician also explained that at her age, there is a good chance that Kate’s baby bump will have obvious differences compared to when she was pregnant with George and Charlotte.

“Her belly might look much farther along than she appeared in her previous pregnancies at the same gestational periods because of repeated stretching of abdominal muscles,” he explained.

Furthermore, a January report from the Hollywood Take revealed that while Kate Middleton pregnant rumors have been denied, she and Prince William intend to expand their family “soon” considering that the royal couple will be moving with their children to London in the fall.

Apparently, the couple will return to the English capital to assume their official work as members of the royal family, particularly the queen’s charitable responsibilities. The outlet also added the couple’s children’s schooling as a reason for their return.

Moreover, a source revealed to People that upon their return to London, Kate will perform her “primary role is as a mother, and as any family with children starting school will know, this year will be a significant one.”

Aside from that, information about Kate Middleton pregnant rumors, that a source told Us Weekly, indicate that the royal couple actually wanted a big family and may be considering about having a third baby soon.

“I think they both would have been overwhelmed at the thought of a third child a year ago but now it sounds perfect. They’ve both always wanted a big family.”

Past rumors included details like Kate Middleton being pregnant with twins, but had a miscarriage. It was also reported that the duchess decided not to attend the 2016 Rio Olympics for fear of acquiring Zika virus which is known to cause microcephaly in infants.

Do you think Kate Middleton pregnant rumors will become a reality in 2017? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below.

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