‘Colossal’ Gives Anne Hathaway One Monstrous Alter Ego [Video]

Anne Hathaway is starring in a new monster movie, but, before horror fans begin rushing theaters, it should be noted that Colossal is more humorous than horrific. Although categorized as a sci-fi thriller, Colossal seeks to poke fun at the genre to which it has been cast with slapstick humor and situational jokes that casts Hathaway as the unwitting villain. Ms. Hathaway stars as a Jekyll and Hyde type of character, though there’s a unique twist that adds a level of mystery to the story that gives Colossal even more charm.

Colossal Casts Anne Hathaway As An Unwitting Monster

At first, one might think Colossal would attempt to rival Godzilla (2014) or Cloverfield (2008) with the tale of a giant monster wreaking havoc and leveling cities with giant feet, a whip-like tail, and smashing fists, but, as Blastr reports, the latest Anne Hathaway film isn’t to be taken so seriously. To judge by its first trailer, Colossal deftly melds the suspense of a monster flick with the typical laughs and emotional encounters one might find within an Anne Hathaway rom-com.

What is Colossal about?

Hathaway plays Gloria, a middle-aged woman who finds her life unraveling around her. She loses her job, her boyfriend, and her own sense of purpose, until she’s ultimately forced to escape from New York City and head back to her hometown. Once she’s back home, Gloria begins to notice that she has a psychological connection to a giant monster, which is running rampant throughout Seoul, South Korea.

From there, Hathaway’s character must try to piece together the mystery of why her chaotic, yet insignificant life has a connection to the colossal beast destroying South Korea.

While Colossal may not be comparable to a thrilling King Kong or Godzilla film, as far as monster movies go, the trailer goes a long way toward selling the undeniable charm of Anne Hathaway in making Colossal a potential date movie.

The Plight Of Syrian Refugees Draws Anne Hathaway Back To Social Media

While Ms. Hathaway has been busy working, she has also been taking an absence from all social media for an undetermined length of time, but, as People reports, that hiatus ended with a recent Instagram posting. Anne was first affected by an op-ed piece published in the New York Times, entitled “Anne Frank Today is a Syrian Girl,” which, in turn, drew Hathaway to look deeper into the plight of Syrian refugees.

As a result, Anne shared a split image photograph in which Anne Frank was spliced next to the image of a young Syrian refugee girl.

“I wasn’t planning on coming back so soon, but this moment cannot be met with silence,” Hathaway writes in the first line of the image’s caption. “America is great when she is allowed to be herself — a country powerful enough to accept and absorb those who’s lives have been broken by circumstances beyond their control, a beacon of hope in a world ravaged by war, sorrow, and destruction ALL WHILE she keeps her own citizens safe.”

Hathaway continues to urge Americans to open their hearts and their borders to refugees seeking to make a new home in the United States, but, following that plea, Anne also addresses those fearful of what an open door policy might bring. Ms. Hathaway lends her sorrow to those fearing the consequences of bringing in Syrian refugees, but insists that letting them into the country is the right thing to do.

The Colossal actress closed her plea by asking her fans and followers to donate what they can in support of an open door policy.

Colossal, starring Dan Stevens, Anne Hathaway, and Jason Sudeikis, will premiere in theaters on April 7.

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