Rob Kardashian: Blac Chyna Split Leading To Meltdown, Hospitalization Fears?

Rob Kardashian’s split with Blac Chyna is leaving his family members worried, convinced that the sock designer is close to facing another health scare.

As previously revealed, Rob Kardashian has been dealing with his depression and social anxiety since 2012. To make matters worse, the reality star has diabetes, and considering the fact that he also struggles to maintain a balanced diet, Rob has continuously put his life at risk with the reckless decisions he makes.

Sources say that Rob Kardashian is not sticking to healthy meals, despite having been hospitalized on multiple occasions in the past, and now that he’s dealing with his breakup with Blac Chyna, Kris Jenner and her daughters are fearing for the worst.

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One of the biggest issues that the Kardashians are trying to deal with is the supposed fact that Rob lives by himself, and now that Blac is no longer with him, the USC graduate’s siblings are concerned about his health, wondering whether he’s going to seclude himself and binge on junk food again.

This is one of the worst times for Rob Kardashian to experience yet another breakup, Hollywood Life shares, recalling how it was just two months ago when the TV star and his ex-fiancée announced they had reconciled after an explosive argument.

Back in December, sources alleged that a huge altercation erupted between the two, reportedly leading Blac Chyna to physically attack Rob Kardashian, before being restrained by Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble.

Their reconciliation surprised fans — but not as much as it did the Kardashian family, who quickly made it known they no longer wanted anything to do with Blac Chyna and her supposed aggressive behavior toward Rob.

A source for Hollywood Life makes it known that the breakup is extremely hard for Rob. His family had already given up on the relationship, and now that he knows it’s officially over, his siblings fear that he’s bound to spiral out of control and find himself being hospitalized.

“Rob is not taking this well, the latest issues with Blac Chyna have totally derailed him,” a source gushed.

“He’s back to emotional eating, which is dangerous for his diabetes. His family’s so worried about him. He could end up in the hospital over this. They’re very scared for him. His health is a real issue.”

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Rob Kardashian reportedly had plans to marry Blac Chyna in April, but those plans were pushed back after reports had claimed that the twosome was trying for their second child together — and that’s despite the issues they were already having in their relationship at the time.

Of course, Blac’s issues with Rob Kardashian’s family only added fire to the flames, with the former stripper being shunned from Kris Jenner’s Christmas party, in December, and no longer having kept in touch with any of her fiancé’s siblings — all who were under the impression that Blac was a horrible influence on their brother.

It’s said that Blac has already moved on with her life. She’s barely been spending time with Rob Kardashian prior to making the announcement that they have officially broken up, so the split wasn’t much of a shock to her — it was something she had prepared herself for.

“Chyna has disappeared for days at a time without communicating or providing any updates. This won’t end well,” a source tells Us Weekly, noting how the Kardashians are worried sick for Rob because of the fact that he’s emotionally unstable and often makes bad decisions without thinking them through.

It’s unclear whether Kris and her daughters have arranged a plan to help Rob Kardashian pull through this difficult time in his life.

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