‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna’s Illness Exposes Griffin As Brit Spy’s Son?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Anna (Finola Hughes) gets a terrifying diagnosis next week and this could lead to a shocking mother-son reveal according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. Last week, Griffin (Matt Cohen) and Finn (Michael Easton) agreed to take a bone marrow sample from Anna and also decided to keep secret their suspicions that she has cancer.

A Terrifying Diagnosis

A new General Hospital spoilers promo video shows Griffin opening the test results and with wide eyes, he mutters “oh no!” That’s not a good sign of positive news for Anna. Given her symptoms of headaches, dizziness, memory loss and now a blood clot, GH fans are worried the former spy has leukemia or lymphoma.

Other General Hospital spoilers tease this storyline is the opportunity to expose Griffin and Anna as mother and son, as improbable as that sounds. Griffin is Duke’s (Ian Buchanan) son, but Anna might be his mother if GH writers have decided to tamper with character history. It wouldn’t be the first time in recent months they have done so.

New History for Legacy Characters

Back in 1988, Anna was pregnant with Duke’s baby. This was when Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) was part of their story. Liv was furious Duke spurned her and she plotted to kill him. Liv cut the cables on an elevator at Duke’s club to take his life, but pregnant Anna was on the elevator instead of Duke.

The crash caused a miscarriage but General Hospital spoilers now tease this history may have been tweaked to allow the child to survive and turns into handsome former priest Griffin. Anna wasn’t really showing, so how could this happen? This is the same soap that resurrected little Jake (Hudson West) and many others, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Life-Saving Donation Needed

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna will be read a devastating and deadly diagnosis, but will not, in fact, expire. Finola Hughes has a contract with quite a bit of time left on it, so her death is unlikely. That means her illness is a mechanism to further other plots including her storyline with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart).

Anna has significant gaps in her memory and this illness might account for some of her selective amnesia. A cure might clear up her recollection of her past with the Cassadine prince. General Hospital spoilers hint that Anna will need a life-saving donation of bone marrow or perhaps a kidney and this will reveal unexpected family.

Unexpected Family Ties

Griffin believes his mother to be someone else, not Anna, but that could easily be explained. If Liv was involved in somehow stealing Anna’s baby, she could have placed him for adoption with someone far from Anna. There’s also logic in Griffin being told about Duke as his father since Liv worshiped and adored Duke.

General Hospital spoilers for March 3 say Robin fears for her mother’s life and will scramble for a solution. Valentin will consent to be tested to donate because he cares deeply about Anna. But when all is said and done, only one donor will match and it won’t be Robin according to GH spoilers.

Anna And Griffin Need Each Other

Anna has no family left in Port Charles and Griffin has none at all. General Hospital spoilers for February sweeps tell us Griffin finds himself in an unusual situation and has an interaction that helps him learn more about his father Duke. It could be that him turning up as a bone marrow match for Anna reveals their family connection.

Valentin will be an ongoing factor in Anna’s recovery according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Griffin doesn’t like his being around since that custody debacle over Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). If Griffin turns out to be Anna’s son, that will give the handsome doc greater standing to evict Valentin from Anna’s life. More on Anna’s illness will be revealed as we see more General Hospital spoilers.

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