Tony Romo Trade Rumors: Cowboys QB Headed To Cardinals Or Texans For Next Season

With the NFL season now over, Tony Romo trade rumors are picking up steam as the Dallas Cowboys decide what their next move will be. The longtime quarterback was sidelined for most of the 2016-17 NFL campaign, with rookie Dak Prescott filling in admirably as the new starter. Now that Prescott is the man in Dallas, it appears Romo will soon be the top QB for another team. Among the squads mentioned as potential suitors have been all the struggling teams this past season, as well as Denver, Houston, and Arizona.

One of the biggest debates in addition to which team would do best with Romo has been whether Dallas will trade or release him. Mike Florio of NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk indicates that it’s more likely Romo wants a release so he can choose his destination. He would also stand to get a brand new contract on the open market, and his arrival to the new team wouldn’t be hurt by what they might give away in any huge trade.

It’s unlikely that Dallas will pay Romo to watch from the sidelines for the next NFL season. [Image by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images]

Florio also notes some other considerations. He mentions that Romo stands to make $14 million to roam the sidelines while Dak Prescott plays QB, so the team could cut him. In addition, Romo may simply threaten to retire if he’s going to be traded to a team he just doesn’t want to play for. That mean’s he’ll probably pick a brand new team, and there are two frontrunners based on what they have to offer to Tony Romo. These two top teams also probably have the best chance of a Super Bowl run with Romo as their guy.

On a recent episode of The Herd on Fox Sports, show host Colin Cowherd laid out the reasons for why the trade rumors about Romo going to the Broncos, Jets, or Bears can probably be put to rest. Instead of those teams, which aside from the Broncos, are nowhere near playoff contention, Colin suggests that Romo will end up with either the Houston Texans or Arizona Cardinals due to four main reasons.

Cowherd contends that Romo wants to play for an offensive-minded coach who will let him throw as often as he wants. Head coach Bill O’Brien of the Texans and head coach Bruce Arians of the Cardinals would certainly fit the criteria, while the Denver Broncos and New York Jets have defensive-minded coaches. In addition to that aspect, it’s said that Romo would want to play with a team that has capable offensive weapons.

In Arizona, they have young star running back David Johnson who was among the top 10 leaders in rushing yards over the past season and scored 16 touchdowns for his team. Houston also had one of those top 10 running backs, as Lamar Miller put together a nice season of 1,073 total yards on the ground, but had just five touchdowns scored.

Arizona ranked at No. 7 in the league this past season for receiving with a total of 4,425 passing yards. The Texans ranked a lot lower on the list, but with Romo tossing the ball to the group of deep receiving threats, it would probably be a much different story compared to Brock Osweiler’s recent campaign.

The benefits Houston and Arizona offer may be more alluring for Romo for next season. [Image by Joe Robbins/Getty Images]

Another big reason Romo would want these particular teams is they currently boast two of the best defenses in the league. In the 2016-17 NFL season, Houston finished first in total defense category, as they gave up just over 301 yards per game on average. JJ Watt was sidelined for a good bit of the season but will back from injury for the next.

Ranking second on the team defense leaders was none other than the Arizona Cardinals who gave up an average of 305.2 yards to their opponents per game. Teams capable of winning the Super Bowl are those capable of making stops.

The final, and possibly biggest, selling point for Houston or Arizona is that they have favorable weather and are close to Romo’s home area, either in or near Texas. Since Romo’s a “family guy” as Cowherd says, he probably would want them close by to wherever he practices and plays his home games.

When it comes down to it, both the Cardinals and Texans fit the bill more so than the New York Jets or Chicago Bears, both of whom are headed to the NFL Draft to try to find new rebuilding talents for the future of their franchises. Denver still seems like an outside possibility, but they’d probably be involved in a trade, which simply may not happen.

Football fans, which team is the better fit for Tony Romo, the Houston Texans or Arizona Cardinals? Would Romo’s arrival to either team immediately put them into Super Bowl contention?

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