‘For Honor’: Best Hero To Choose Based On Your Playstyle

For Honor is here and your best bet at enjoying and excelling in this game is to find your spirit hero: aka the best hero that will play to your strengths.

Ubisoft’s For Honor released just last February 14 for the Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and a lot of reviews are already in for this newest fighting game. For Honor, in fact, has been getting mixed reviews from different critics, scoring as honorable as an 8/10 from IGN,but as conflicted as 6/10 over at Steam. But apparently, while For Honor‘s gameplay and combat are some of the most inspired in recent AAA developments, a lot of the disapproval and disappointment stems from unstable servers and multiplayer connectivity errors, according to Windows Report.

So if you’re tempted to skip For Honor because of bad Steam reviews, hold your horses, and get to know For Honor‘s heroes first, one of the best components of this game that will surely reel you in.

For Honor features three main factions which you can choose from: Knights, Samurais, and Vikings. For each faction, you get to choose from four different heroes, who all have their particular strengths and weaknesses. As the player, your first question, surely, may be: which is the best For Honor hero?

However, the more valid question that you should be asking is: which For Honor hero will best utilize my strengths as a gamer?

In choosing a hero to play in For Honor, the most pivotal decision to make is to choose the hero who will play to your strengths. Do you pride yourself in tactical approach, speed, reckless chivalry? Before you choose a hero based on what other players are saying is the most OP For Honor hero, read on first.

Best beginner hero

For Honor: Warden [Image by Ubisoft]

If you’re still unsure and would just like to have a steady grasp of the basics of For Honor battle mechanics, one of the easiest For Honor heroes to play around when you’re just starting is, as Gear Nuke recommends, Warden.

When playing Warden, your key abilities are Guard Break, Shoulder Bash, and Crushing Counterstrike. Start off with a Shoulder Bash to stun the enemy, and then swipe in for Guard Break, which lets you land two consecutive attacks to inflict significant damage. On the defensive, your friend is the Crushing Counterstrike, which lets Warden parry high attacks. Warden’s easy gameplay style will surely be familiar and friendly to any starting player into For Honor, or any beginner player for that matter.

Speediest and best mobile hero

For Honor: Peacekeeper [Image by Ubisoft]

Your strength is in quickly dodging attacks, mastery of light and nimble movements, and dealing damage like a firebolt. If you’re the player who’s in and out of fights in a blink of an eye (think Overwatch’s Tracer), Segment Next recommends For Honor hero Peacekeeper.

Quick and deadly is your banner if you plan to play For Honor with Peacekeeper. Since Peacekeeper is a more close-range hero with high mobility, you can dash in with Dashing Thrust, and then nimbly outmaneuver attacks and inflict Bleed Damage. Inflicting Bleed Damage after a fast deflect is the key to playing Peacekeeper and keeping your enemies struggling for survival.

Most aggressive hero

For Honor: Berserker [Image by Ubisoft]

If you’re a more offensive kind of player, who wants to barge in, 100 pounds of raging honor, then your For Honor hero is Berserker.

US Gamer touts For Honor’s Berserker as built for pure aggression since Berserker can mow down multiple enemies at once with his dual axes. To compensate for his weak guard stance, Berserker can build up his Revenge meter and activate Revenge to boost damage and health—and your attacks become uninterruptible, too!

Best defensive hero

For Honor: Conqueror [Image by Ubisoft]

If you feel you’re the lifeline of any group, the shield that will protect them from the raging spikes and parries, then you must play For Honor hero Conqueror.

For Honor’s Conqueror is a human shield, an iron wall. True to his name, the Conqueror can virtually hold and conquer holding points since opponents will find it hard to break through his spiked shield and defensive posture. And don’t forget, that spiked shield does not only block, but deal unblockable damage, too! Conquerors are your best bet against the more aggressive Raider and Warden.

Best long-ranged harasser

For Honor: Nobushi [Image by Ubisoft]

If you’d like to maintain your distance and irritate your opponent to death, quite literally, For Honor hero Nobushi is iDigitalTimes‘ recommendation.

Nobushi has the longest reach in the game so you’ll make the most out of this For Honor hero by maintaining your distance from the enemy. Never get yourself surrounded if you’re Nobushi and keep Bleeding out your enemies from a distance. As long as they don’t take you on up close, they’ll practically cry themselves to death.

Just like in other games that give you the option to choose your hero, you will get the best out of For Honor if you put deep thought into choosing the hero that will compliment your playing style and exert effort into mastering that hero.

And if you’re still conflicted regarding the outstanding issues that surround For Honor, WWGreports that updates are on their way to address issues and bugs so that’s hopeful news for people who are on the verge of abandoning For Honor.

[Featured image by Ubisoft Montreal]

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