‘Days Of Our Lives’ Marci Miller: Abby Self Blames For Chad’s Feelings For Gabi

Days of Our Lives’ Marci Miller (Abigail) blames herself for the love triangle that is threatening her marriage to Chad, and her friendship with her best friend, Gabi.

In the week of February 20 to February 24, the love triangle on Days of Our Lives between Abigail, Chad, and Gabi reaches a critical point as Chad and Gabi strip down and share body heat.

Abigail on the Hunt For Her Husband and Best Friend

DOOL JJ and Abigail Look For Chad and Gabi
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Abigail is doing everything she can to locate Chad and Gabi. However, in the back of her mind thoughts of the two of them together are haunting her. However, ever the devoted wife, she chooses not to dwell on these unsettling thoughts and chooses to get the job done and find them. Marci explains her character’s feelings as being rather altruistic.

“The largest emotion in the room is just for their lives, literally for their well-being, because Abigail loves them both.”

Miller goes further, according to Soap Hub’s article about Days of Our Lives latest love triangle, and explains Abigail’s torn state of emotions.

“At the same time, there’s this really interesting dynamic where it’s frightening for her in another way; that Chad (Billy Flynn) and Gabi (Camila Banus) have been captured together. She doesn’t really know if they are together or in as intimate a setting as they are in. So, there are a lot of questions.”

Abigail first turns to JJ, her cop brother, for help in locating Chad and Gabi begins. However, JJ is limited by police protocol, and she turns to Dario instead. Dario also has a vested interest in finding the pair because Gabi is his sister.

Abigail realizes that she needs somebody who is street-smart in hunting Chad and Gabi down. Abigail, like her Days of Our Lives stalwart mother Jennifer Horton Deveraux, is very innocent when it comes to the ways of the world.

“Abigail has a desire and a hunger to figure things out, but she’s not very streetwise.”

Chad And Gabi Half-Dressed: Will They Tell Half-Truths?

Abigail and Dario get lucky, follow a clue and discover the missing Chad and Gabi in a freezer. Of course, the missing duo have stripped so that their combined body heat will warm them and thus avoiding hypothermia. Despite discovering them in this compromising position, Marci Miller insists that at that time Abigail has other priorities.

“But the biggest thing to worry about is getting them out of there and safe.”

Chad and Gabi are rushed to the hospital. Chad eventually does wake up and is unsure of how much his wife knows about his time in the freezer with Gabi. Abigail, although her mind is racked with jealous thoughts, again does the honorable thing Marci explains.

“She deflects the way she feels a lot and kind of buries the jealousy and insecurity associated with that. Eventually, Chad does make a decision to be very open and honest with Abigail, because that’s kind of who he is.”

And then Chad does the unthinkable for a soapie like Days of Our Lives: he tells Abigail the truth.

DOOL Chad and Gabi Locked in Freezer
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Chad Confirms Abigail’s Deepest Fears

Chad has a heart-to-heart with Abigail and admits that he still has feelings for Gabi. Abigail, ever the good wife, chooses to listen to her mind rather than the insecurity of her heart.

“At the same time, she really tries to be reasonable.”

According to a Celeb Dirty Laundry’s spoilers post on Days of Our Lives, Chad defends his and Gabi’s next-to-nothing state of undress to his wife, Abigail by saying, “We had to do everything we could to stay warm.” Marci offers this insight as to Abigail’s surprising reaction.

“The only reason they took their clothes off was because they were suffering hypothermia. But it just so happens that they are in love with each other, too.”

Abigail’s True Feelings About Chad’s Confession

Days of Our Lives‘ Miller says that Abigail is hurt because she realizes that they still have feelings for each other.

“It’s the first time… that it’s made verbally clear that [Gabi] is still a factor, that this is still a dynamic that he and Abigail are dealing with.”

“Once those words are spoken, it’s like Pandora’s box.”

“Once it’s out, it’s hard to put it back in. You never want to hear your husband has feelings for another woman, who’s your best friend. Abigail is definitely upset.”

Abigail Blames Herself

It goes even further. Abigail doesn’t blame the two people she loves the most for their actions. No, Abby blames herself which will make for some heart-wrenching future episodes in Days of Our Lives.

“She goes back to, ‘It’s my fault.’ Chad and Gabi wouldn’t have gotten together if I hadn’t pretended to be dead.”

How will this play out? Do you think Abby is being way too forgiving?

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