‘The Sinner’ Brings Jessica Biel Back To TV As A Killer And A Victim [Video]

Jessica Biel may have started out as the hip and cool girl next door when she first stepped into her small screen role on 7th Heaven, but her film roles have been far more eclectic. Biel has done everything from dramas to horror films, but, unlike Jessica’s character in the 2003 reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, she’s now playing someone who may or may not be a vicious killer and who may also be as much a victim as the poor guy she stabbed. The first teaser for The Sinner, which will be a USA network original movie, tugs at the emotions of viewers, as they become as confused as Biel herself in trying to determine the truth of the mystery in The Sinner.

Does Jessica Biel Play A Villain Or A Hero In The Sinner?

Jessica Biel stars in the USA thriller, ‘The Sinner.’ [Image by USA]

Jessica Biel plays Cora Tanner in The Sinner and, as TV Guide shares, a new teaser trailer for the made for television thriller suggests there’s more to the Biel character than even she can guess, herself. As the video starts out, Cora seems like a happy, well-adjusted woman, until a day at the beach ends with a freshly murdered body in the morgue and Cora waking up in police custody.

Once the initial premise is established, the teaser for The Sinner flashes a whirlwind of images, all focusing around the character played by Jessica and seemingly intended to give viewers the same feelings of confusion experienced by Cora Tanner. The mystery of why Cora would kill a man she has never met becomes the paramount question until doubt is thrown on Cora’s story.


Viewers are set up for a twist that is yet to be revealed, as the information given for The Sinner compels us to feel for Jessica Biel’s character. We want her to be innocent, or under another’s control. Some reason why this wholesome looking young woman would suddenly go mad and murder. Does she actually know her victim? If so, Cora is already revealed to be a liar. Possibly more.

In the end, we may have to accept that Jessica Biel plays the villain in The Sinner.

Jessica Biel On What It’s Like To Live The “Mom Life”

Jessica Biel talks about the challenges of being a new mom. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

The Sinner actress recently shared her experience as a mother to 22-month-old son Silas and, according to US Weekly, the infant is so active that Biel has had to resort to eating her meals while she showers.

“This is just mom life… I do not have time for anything! I am feeding him in the morning, trying to get ready and I realize I haven’t eaten, I just take it into the shower,” Ms. Biel told Jimmy Fallon, while a guest on The Tonight Show.

Fallon, much like audience members, found himself wondering just how successful Jessica is with eating while she showers.

“You should try it,” Biel replied. “Sometimes it’s a huge success. Sometimes it’s a huge failure.”

Ms. Biel went on to explain that a successful shower meal depends on which foods she chooses. Jessica cautions against trying to eat a sandwich in the shower, but says eating sausage works great.

While she may find parenting to be a challenge, Jessica previously gushed over her four-year marriage to Justin Timberlake, singing his praises to Ellen DeGeneres.

“Literally every year we’re married, I’m looking for that thing that he really sucks at,” Biel said. “I’m going to still look and I’m going to find it, and I’m going to expose it to everybody!”

Timberlake has been nominated for best song for “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from Trolls at this year’s Academy Awards, which is set to air on next Sunday.

The Sinner, starring Jessica Biel, Christopher Abbott, and Bill Pullman, will air on USA later this year.

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