WWE Rumors: John Cena’s Hiatus Means Which Superstar Will Return?

With all the news about WrestleMania, it’s easy to forget that it won’t be long before John Cena goes on hiatus, as previous reports indicated that the 16-time champion will go on a much-needed break after it’s over. However, the latest WWE rumors suggest that Cena’s “break” will leave room for a major superstar to take his place — at least temporarily.

According to Flickering Myth‘s latest round of WWE rumors, with John Cena taking a break from wrestling after WrestleMania — in what easily has to be the shortest title reign in WWE history — it will leave the door open for Kurt Angle to take the ring again. Angle, who will be inducted in this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class, won’t just be welcomed back into the ring unconditionally, however.

“I don’t know when or how extensively at this point, but the plan right now is that Angle will be doing at least some wrestling in WWE. He would have to pass a physical, and obviously at best it would be very limited.”

Perhaps another sign that Angle will be taking Cena’s place in the ring are the persistent WWE rumors that it will be John Cena — not “Stone Cold” Steve Austin — that will be inducting the Olympic champion into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE rumors from Wrestling, Inc., even though Angle originally wanted “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame, he would be more than all right with John Cena inducting him, if it ever came down to it. The outlet recently sat down with the wrestler, and he sang the praises of John Cena, saying that he’d “cemented” his place in the wrestling zeitgeist and believed that he was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

“He has been the staple of sports entertainment for the last 11 years. The incredible thing about John, John has never been known, personally for all of us, as a fighter. He’s not a guy who’s going to to throw fists and mix it up. But what he has been able to endure for 12, 13 years. Nobody has ever done that. John Cena is the man. I don’t know anybody else who has gone 13 years on top…I’m not going to say he’s was greatest athlete in WWE history, but he will go down as the greatest of all time in WWE history.”

Finally, the latest WWE rumors from Fox Sports suggest that we fans don’t really know what will happen next when it comes to John Cena. Even though Cena is now tied with Ric Flair for most number of titles held, he didn’t hold that title for very long. In fact, it literally took the all of 14 days for Bray Wyatt to snatch the title from Cena, and declare that the Wyatt Era had begun on SmackDown Live.

“Wyatt is a worthy champion and his victory was widely celebrated by fans, and while the fact that Cena losing the title doesn’t diminish the outstanding match he had with Styles, it does make Cena’s historic moment feel a bit hollow in retrospect.”

What do you think of the latest round of WWE rumors? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors, and what you think will be next for John Cena, in the comments below.

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