Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes For The Original ‘Ghostbusters’ Unveiled

Last year, a remake of Ghostbusters with an all-female team was released and it caused a lot of controversy after fans never really gave it much of a chance. Since then, plans for a sequel have seemed to fade into obscurity, and there may never be another addition to the franchise. Still, all is not lost as some never-before-seen deleted scenes have now been unveiled, and they aren’t from the remake, but from the 1984 original.

With a team consisting of Dan Aykroyd, the late Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson, it is hard to find anything better. Adding in Annie Potts, Sigourney Weaver, and Rick Moranis only adds to the greatness that is a movie that is more than three decades old.

But, it just got even better.

Yes, the official Facebook page for Ghost Corps, the section of Columbia Pictures led by Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman, decided to have a fun “Throwback Thursday” this week. It appears as if Reitman doesn’t really throw anything away ever, and that is a good thing for fans of Ghostbusters.

The post revealed that some previously unreleased cut footage from the original Ghostbusters was actually found in personal storage belonging to Reitman. A picture of three tapes accompanied the post on the Facebook page and gave info like this:

  • “Honeymooners”
  • “Bill Murray” dated 10-31-84
  • “Fort Detmerring”

Bloody-Disgusting pointed out that serious fans of the Ghostbusters were losing their minds on the Facebook page of Ghost Corps due to the “Fort Detmerring” tape label. It refers to a scene that is widely known to the fans but has never been seen by the public eye.

In the scene, Ray Stantz (Aykroyd) is in the Single Officers’ Quarters at Fort Detmerring and laying in a lavish four-post bed. A few things transpire and Ray ends up having a sexual encounter with a ghost and being questioned about it by Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson).

A small portion of that scene made it into a music montage during the completed movie, but fans have always wanted the whole scene. Maybe, there could be a chance that it will finally be revealed for the entire world to see.

[Image by Columbia Pictures]

Nothing else is known about the deleted footage except what was written on the sides of the reels. The one with “Bill Murray” written on it could be virtually anything, but the one with “Honeymooners” written across it may be a scene that has found its way online before.

The scene is very short and deals with a couple of honeymooners in a hotel room and dealing with a ghostly clock. After it shakes and breaks, the husband goes to the bathroom, freaks out, and that is pretty much all of it.

It is believed that in their bathroom is none other than the infamous Slimer.

No matter how interesting any unseen footage from Ghostbusters would be, knowing that Fort Detmerring has been found is surreal. Fans have longed for this to come into existence and now, they know that it could be only a matter of time until they actually get to see it.

No matter what anyone may say about the remake of Ghostbusters, it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Sure, it wasn’t on the level of the original, but it should have at least had a chance with a sequel. None the less, the original film will continue to live on with a cult following and just as an overall great film. Seeing these never-before-seen deleted scenes is not only a treat, but it only makes people want to see the first movie yet again.

[Featured Image by Columbia Pictures]

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