Heavenly Kimes Claims Mariah Huq Sold ‘Married To Medicine’ Rights

Part one of the Married to Medicine Season 4 reunion show showed Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq at one another’s throats. They traded accusations and insults. At one point, Mariah called Heavenly a “bullfrog.” Heavenly’s barbs against Mariah included that she’s only qualified to clean her dental office.

On Twitter, a viewer asked Heavenly how she can say that Mariah, the creator and executive producer of the show, is only qualified to clean her office when she has fame from being on a show that Mariah created. Heavenly responded by saying that Mariah’s actually the least educated woman of the group so she’s not a good fit. Heavenly further claimed that while Mariah did create the show, she later sold the rights, which wasn’t a smart move for her.

When a viewer expressed confusion over how Mariah, who was not included in the Seasons 3 and 4 promo cast photos, was pushed from a starring role on a show that she created, another viewer, in reference to Heavenly’s tweet, repeated the claim that Mariah sold the rights to the show.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mariah, in response to viewers’ questions of when Season 5 will start filming and if she’ll return, said last week said that she doesn’t know and that she’s always the last to know anything regarding the show.

As the reunion aired on Friday night, Mariah again answered viewers’ questions via a Facebook Live video. At one point, Mariah gave her opinion as to why she and Heavenly have such drama with one another. Mariah speculated that she reminds Heavenly, who admitted on the reunion show that she used to be bullied as an overweight child, of her childhood bully.

“I don’t know the issue between me and Heavenly…it just came out of nowhere…the day Heavenly met me she told me she didn’t like the way I walked in the room…I believe that Heavenly has some deep-rooted issues…I believe that whoever used to bully Heavenly probably looked like me unfortunately. I’m serious…she just never cared for me.”


The drama between Mariah Huq and Heavenly Kimes began early on the reunion show, thanks to them showing up with the same shoes and earrings. During a break, Mariah took off her shoes and earrings. When host Andy Cohen pointed out what Mariah did, Mariah said that she would rather be barefoot and have no earrings than wear the same things as Heavenly.

Heavenly told Mariah that she’s trashy anyways, which led to a volley of insults between the two. When Mariah told Heavenly that she’s “thirsty,” Heavenly said that it’s Mariah’s mom who’s “thirsty.” Although Heavenly quickly apologized for talking about Mariah’s mom, the two women continued to argue with one another. Mariah quipped that unlike Heavenly, she doesn’t have a license that she’s in danger of losing, implying that Heavenly was digging herself a hole with her unseemly behavior. Heavenly shot back that Mariah can clean her office.

“You ain’t got s**t to lose, you right. But you can come to my office to clean up. You qualify to do that.”

Mariah retorted that she would love to go to clean Heavenly’s office because she has heard that it’s “nasty as hell.” Heavenly said that her office is as nasty as Mariah’s home. Mariah shot back that Heavenly looks like a “bullfrog” and smells like one too.

“You look like a bullfrog and you always smell like one.”

Heavenly insulted Mariah’s appearance in return, saying that she claims that she’s under 40 but looks like she’s over 50. Mariah accused Heavenly of being “the dissension in the group.”

Will viewers continue to see Mariah Huq and Heavenly Kimes go hard at one another on next week’s part 2 of the Married to Medicine Season 4 reunion show? A preview for part 2 shows that the focus will shift to the women’s husbands, in particular, Lisa Nicole Cloud’s husband Darren Naugles, when they join them on the set. As Heavenly has said some very harsh things about Lisa’s marriage to Darren and Lisa is now good friends with Mariah, viewers may just see Mariah lash out at Heavenly in Lisa’s defense.

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