‘Killing Fields’ Detectives Make An Arrest During The Season Finale [Spoilers]

On this season of Killing Fields, the Iberville Sheriff’s Department located in Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana, has been working two fascinating cold cases that were filmed in real time. On the first season of Killing Fields, fans of this wildly popular series became familiar with the case of Eugenie Boisfontaine, and during this season, the story of murder victims George Barrett and Curtis “Cochise” Smith was revealed.

Detectives Rodie Sanchez and Aubrey St. Angelo, along with Major Ronnie Hebert and a dedicated team of detectives, left no stone unturned in the effort to find the person responsible for killing Eugenie and leaving her body in a water-filled ditch. As they worked through several promising leads during the previous season of Killing Fields, they were able to narrow down their search and the focus centered in on Boisfontaine’s ex-husband. He refused to cooperate with the detectives and for now, they continue to look for more evidence.

During the first part of the new season of Killing Fields, everyone was out looking for a silver truck that at one time may have belonged to the ex-husband in the hopes that it could possibly contain vital evidence pertinent to the Boisfontaine case. Despite scouring the area and asking around, they came up empty handed. Some hair samples also yielded disappointing results when test results showed that the hairs belonged to Eugenie, but Rodie refused to completely give up. When a chilling new cold case comes to light that Rodie is very familiar with, the entire Killing Fields team must shift gears.

When a body is found inside a barrel, Rodie immediately thinks of his case concerning Curtis “Cochise” Smith. He had a suspect, Tommy Francise, who gave him a taped statement saying that he killed the man and put his body in a barrel, later dumping it in the water near his family’s home. Without a body, Rodie was told he would be unable to bring Tommy to trial. This time however, he is determined to see justice served and has the entire team of detectives behind him.

Killing Fields took viewers along as Sanchez and St. Angelo began to conduct their fascinating investigation into Cochise’s murder. ET Online shared that dealing with Tommy Francise was not easy, and Rodie was told during an interview that the man had even threatened to kill him. As they interviewed witnesses in order to build a new case on Killing Fields, the team was told that Francise had been following a crucial witness around inside a grocery store. This worried the detectives, and they began to realize that they had to be very careful how they conducted the investigation and subsequent arrest of Tommy.

The Killing Fields team was disheartened when the man in the barrel turned out not to be Cochise, but they weren’t finished yet. Rodie turned his attention to another man that was murdered, and it was alleged that Tommy had been responsible for that death as well. People close to Tommy verified this theory and eventually, the team believed that they had enough evidence to request an arrest warrant. Blabber Buzz noted that in order to arrest Francise, the team had to present their evidence to the legal team, which included Special Prosecutor Tony Clayton. Once given the green light, the Killing Fields team immediately began planning exactly how they wanted to apprehend Tommy.

On the previous episode of Killing Fields titled “The Takedown,” the team scrambled to find their man. Killing Fields fans were undoubtedly cheering Detective Rodie Sanchez on as he finally arrested Tommy Francise for the murders of Curtis Smith and George Barrett. The season finale will be a real nail-biter, and Killing Fields posted to their Facebook page a sneak-peek clip to next week’s episode, along with a caption that says there’s a lot at stake. For Rodie, he states that in regard to this case, everything is at stake.


Although Rodie has been unsuccessful in finding Eugenie’s killer so far on Killing Fields, he’s made closing this case a real possibility. Fans of Killing Fields won’t want to miss this episode, which is titled “The Last Stand” to see what happens with Tommy Francise’s case.

Are you a fan of the show? Do you think Tommy will be denied bond? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The season finale of Killing Fields airs on Tuesday, February 24, at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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