‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Spoilers: New Cast And A Shocking Twist For 2017

Netflix original political drama House of Cards has gripped viewers since making its debut back in February 2013. Kevin Spacey has been a phenomenal success as power-hungry politician Frank Underwood. Through four gripping seasons, we have seen Underwood manipulate and maneuver his way through Washington’s House of Cards, making his way to the U.S. presidency. Spacey is magnificent as Frank Underwood, a man who lets nothing stand in the way of his quest for power.

House of Cards is a U.S. adaptation of a UK television show of the same name. Frank Underwood is an American version of Francis Urquhart, the conniving lead character who attempts to manipulate his way to power in the British parliament. The U.S. version of House of Cards has run for longer and has much more complex storylines than the UK original. It has won multiple awards and become one of Netflix’s biggest success stories. House of Cards fans have been gripped through four seasons of the political drama and have been waiting eagerly for House of Cards: Season 5.

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The gap between seasons of House of Cards has been longer than usual this time around. Netflix has normally premiered House of Cards in February or March, but as Den of Geek reported, this time the show won’t air until the end of May. As a result, fans are eager for any hint as to what House of Cards Season 5 has in store for them.

Season 4 of House of Cards showed that Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, had learned more than a few tricks from Frank. She manipulates her way into political power, just as Frank’s presidency is coming to an end. The show ended with Frank declaring that the U.S. was now at “total war” with Islamist extremists after an American family is kidnapped and beheaded by terrorists.

House Of Cards Season 5 Spoilers And Twists

In a twist that is eerily similar to recent “real life” U.S. history, House of Cards fans will see Claire Underwood pitch to become the first female U.S. president. Expect Season 5 of House of Cards to follow Claire Underwood’s underhand machinations as she manipulates her way towards the White House.

Yibada report that House of Cards spoilers and teasers have suggested that the storylines move away from Frank Underwood to Claire. The likelihood being that Frank and Claire will hold on to power as Claire gains the presidency. Of course, whilst the storyline may echo real life, don’t expect the road to be easy.

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House of Cards Season 5 has a whole raft of new characters with roles for Oscar-nominated actress Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott. It isn’t clear yet what their roles will be in House of Cards, but you can be sure they will have major storylines.

To date, the most interesting development comes from a House of Cards trailer, and it potentially reveals a massive twist. Across the first two seasons of House of Cards, Kate Mara played Zoe Barnes, a journalist and Frank Underwood’s lover. Zoe had assisted Frank’s presidential campaign by printing positive news stories about Frank and by revealing scandals about Frank’s opponents.

As Season 2 ended, Zoe was investigating Frank’s underhand dealings, until Frank, on the brink of winning the presidency, had her pushed under a train. Now a teaser, released by Netflix, shows Zoe talking into a cell phone as she stares through a car window. The clear implication being that Zoe isn’t dead after all and that she is set to return, doubtless to cause huge headaches for the Underwood’s.

Sadly, House of Cards fans will have to wait just a little longer to find out whether Zoe Barnes is back and if she has the ammunition to bring down the Underwoods.

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