‘Pokemon GO’ Update: List Of Top 3 Monsters You Should Be Aiming For Now

With the release of Generation 2 monsters, Pokemon GO is experiencing a massive renaissance of interest. As the hit mobile augmented reality game reaches yet another milestone with the rollout of more than 80 new creatures, it has become highly pertinent for trainers to know exactly what monsters to hunt for. After all, Pokemon GO still remains as a game of turf-based gym battles. Thus, catching the strongest pocket monsters in the wild is of great importance.

A Forbes report has provided an outline of some of the best Pokemon that are currently available in the mobile game. While Gen. 1 powerhouses such as Blissey, Dragonite, Snorlax and Vaporeon remain as powerful gym defenders, the introduction of Gen. 2 monsters has added a handful of other powerful creatures to the list. With the new creatures in the game, Pokemon GO just got significantly closer to being a well-rounded entry into the Pokemon franchise.

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According to Pokemon GO group The Silph Road, Gen. 1’s Blissey no longer holds the title of having the max potential CP of any creature in the game. Currently, that honor belongs to a Gen. 2 monster Tyranitar, a rock/dark hybrid Pokemon that evolves from Larvitar and Pupitar. Considering that Tyranitar holds formidable stats, however, there is a good chance that it might be very rare. While unconfirmed, there is a pretty good chance that this might happen.

Niantic has employed a similar strategy in the past, making Blissey, the Pokemon with the highest potential CP in Gen. 1, as one of the rarest creatures in the game. Despite this, the creature has been well sought-after by PoGO players. Thus, it is almost certain that Tyranitar would be one of the most desirable pocket monsters in the game.


Steelix is the evolution of Onix, a Gen. 1 creature that was largely useless for the first few months of the game. With the introduction of its evolved form, however, the potential of Onix has just gotten a lot more significant. Next to Tyranitar, The Silph Road has determined that Steelix features some of the highest potential stats in the game so far.

Considering that Onix was not very useful in Gen. 1, there is a good chance that Pokemon GO players would have a surplus of candies for the creature. This would be a pretty good incentive for players of the game, since evolving the Rock Pokemon to its powerful Metal-type counterpart would give gamers a creature that is powerful and fairly easy to acquire.

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Eevee evolutions have always been among the most formidable creatures in Pokemon GO. During the initial Gen. 1 rollout, numerous players clamored to get their respective Eevees evolved into Vaporeon, one of the most well-rounded monsters in PoGO. With the rollout of Gen. 2, two new evolutions for Eevee, Umbreon and Espeon, have become attainable, and both appear to be very useful in gym battles.

In the original Pokemon games, Umbreon and Espeon are creatures that excel in different yet equally pivotal areas. Espeon is a powerful attacker and Umbreon is a formidable defender. With this in mind, it would not be surprising at all if trainers all over the world start populating gyms with the two new Gen. 2 Eevee evolutions.

While the rollout of Gen. 2 creatures has made Pokemon GO a bit more complete in terms of features and mechanics, the popular augmented reality game still has a lot of areas it could improve on. After all, features that are the trademark of the franchise’s games, such as PvP and trading, are yet to see a release in the mobile game. If Niantic’s pace is any indication, however, trainer battles and a robust trading system are set to be rolled out to the game in the near future.

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