Surface Pro 5 Hiding In Plain Sight? MS France Website Reveals Render For Hybrid

The Surface Pro 5 is one of the year’s most anticipated devices, and Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about any official details about the device. If rumors are accurate, the portable hybrid machine might be set for a reveal within the next couple of months. However, very little concrete information is available about the Surface Pro 5’s official specs and features. One thing that appears to be certain, at least for now, seems to be the upcoming hybrid’s design.

While Microsoft has effectively kept the Surface Pro 5 tightly under wraps, an image of the upcoming device, published in the tech giant’s French website, appears to have revealed what the upcoming hybrid would look like. Uploaded late last year, the seemingly official Surface Pro 5 render has attracted very little attention so far, according to French publication FZN.

Of course, the authenticity of the render itself could not be verified, as Microsoft has been very secretive about the details of the Surface Pro 5’s development. The render’s title, “win10-feature-surface-pro-5-z,” however, has managed to get numerous fans of the iconic 2-in-1 device very excited. After all, the render itself was uploaded on a Microsoft site.

One thing that is very notable about the leaked Surface Pro 5 image is the device’s overall appearance. If the leak is accurate, the Surface Pro 5 would feature a very similar frame as that of its predecessor, the critically-acclaimed Surface Pro 4. The Surface Keyboard and the Surface Pen that were featured in the render also appear very similar to those that were featured in the Surface Pro 4.

If the image on the Microsoft French site does indeed prove to be the Surface Pro 5, the upgrades of the device would most likely be focused primarily on the 2-in-1’s internals. This is in line with the current rumors about the device, which state that the bulk of the improvements on the Surface Pro 5 would be focused on the hybrid’s specs and features.

Currently, speculations are high that the Surface Pro 5 would feature top-tier specs, including an Intel 7th-generation Kaby Lake processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and a 4K screen. While the Kaby Lake processor and the upgraded RAM are pretty much a given considering the Surface Pro series’ reputation, the rumored 4K screen of the device has been contested by critics and fans alike. After all, the Surface Pro 4 already has an excellent screen, rivaled only by Apple’s powerhouse tablet, the iPad Pro.

[Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

While the Surface Pro 4’s screen is already excellent, there is still some space for improvement with regards to the Surface Pro 5’s display. A 4K screen, for one, would enable users of the Surface Pro 5 to perform graphics-intensive tasks without losing quality. Viewing media through Netflix and other streaming apps would also be a far better experience.

A very notable aspect of the Surface Pro 5 render from Microsoft France is the saturation of the sample image on the device’s screen. In the render, the image displayed on the rendered device’s screen had high contrast and very rich colors. Thus, it appears that the Surface Pro 5 would feature a 4K AMOLED display, which would be a significant upgrade from the preceding model’s display.

The Surface Pro 5 is rumored to be released very soon, with speculations stating that the device would see a spring, 2017, reveal. This would place the device in line with the release of the upcoming major update to Windows 10, the highly-anticipated Creators Update in April. With this in mind, there is a chance that the powerhouse hybrid would see an official reveal sometime around the end of March. With the Surface Pro 5 coming, and with the possibility of the Surface Phone being released later this year, there is a pretty good chance that Microsoft would have an excellent run this 2017.

[Featured Image by Microsoft France]

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