Just So It’s Clear: Kyrie Irving Thinks Earth Is Undeniably Flat

While the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing pretty well this season, that doesn’t excuse the fact that one of their guards believes that the Earth is flat. The majority of the world agrees that the earth is round, but Kyrie Irving is in the minority that refutes this idea.

Irving explained his perspective during the Road Trippin’ podcast. The podcast was hosted by Kyrie’s fellow teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, along with Fox’s Allie Clifton. Although the discussion was between numerous sports nuts, the conversation didn’t focus on athletics. Instead, it started off with hotel aliases and childbirth, and eventually making its way over to aliens and other topics.

From there, they came to conspiracy theories. And that’s where it got good.

Irving touched on various conspiracy theories — from extraterrestrial beings (which he believes are real) to his claim that the CIA killed Bob Marley (since, as he put it, “he tried to bring people together and the fact that it was fundamentally built on love and truth and we kill people for doing the right thing like that”).

But then he brought up his flat earth theory — which, he claimed, was not even a theory.

“This is not even a conspiracy theory. The Earth is flat.”

CBS Sports reported that Kyrie Irving accused particular groups of the wide-spread brainwashing that has resulted in the majority of Earth’s citizens that the planet is round.

“It’s right in front of our faces. I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces,” Irving said. “What I’ve been taught is that the earth is round. But if you really think about it from a landscape of the way we travel, the way we move and the fact that, can you really think of us rotating around the sun and all planets aligned, rotating in specific dates, being perpendicular with what’s going on with these planets?”

Well, Kyrie’s companions just weren’t buying it, and, statistically speaking, not many people would. Still, Irving is not alone in the ranks of those who think that Earth is flat. After all, popular rapper B.o.B. believes the same thing. Also, various teammates are expressing their support of Irving and his beliefs — even if they do not share them.

Irving explained that although he was taught throughout life that the Earth was round, it just didn’t make sense. He encouraged people to research basic facts for themselves to find out the truth.

“They’re particularly putting you in the direction of what to believe and what not to believe, and the truth is right there. You’ve just got to go searching for it. I’ve been searching for it for a while. […] Question things, but even if an answer doesn’t come back, you’re perfectly fine with that, because you were never living in that particular truth. There’s a falseness in stories and things that people want you to believe and ultimately what they throw in front of us.”

Yahoo! states that Kyrie Irving is a man “known for his human rights reels,” but that “nothing will ever top this series of stunners.” For all of Kyrie’s passion, his reasoning was just a bit hard to track, saying that “history is history” and that it’s right in front of our eyes. He said that “they lie to us,” that we need to search out the information that can explain and fill the holes and gaps in history.

“Everything that was put in front of me, I had to be like, ‘Oh, this is all a facade.’ Like, this is all something that they ultimately want me to believe in … but now there is a certain aspect of life in which I want to tell people about, which is this true journey of really becoming a complete individual and total freedom of thought. Do you know what I’m saying?”

Hmm, no, Kyrie Irving, the world does not seem to be getting it at all.

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