New ‘Star Wars’ Posters In Foreign Languages Reveal ‘Last Jedi’ Is Plural

While the world waits to hear and see more about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, information regarding a key plot point has been revealed — and, it would appear, it was unintentional.

How did this happen? Well, the foreign posters for The Last Jedi may have dropped a huge hint at the future of our much beloved Jedi. Both the German and Spanish posters are attracting a lot of attention. Why? Because the phrase “The Last Jedi” is plural in both. So we now know: Luke must not be the last, as explained by IGN.

“In German, the words for ‘The Last’ help denote whether the ‘Jedi’ is being used as a singular or plural. As pointed out by IGN Germany, the newly revealed German title – ‘Die Letzten Jedi’ – uses the plural version, meaning it references multiple Jedi (if it was a single Jedi, it would be ‘Der Letzte Jedi’). […] The new Spanish translation also denotes multiple Jedi – we’d wager this is the official ruling. A previous Brazilian translation had suggested the title denoted a singular, male Jedi, but the tweet in question was soon deleted.”

But this begs the question: who will be the others? We know that, where we left them in The Force Awakens, Luke is the only true “Jedi.” Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) — aka Ben Solo — was training to be a Jedi when he aided the padawan massacre, but since he turned to the Dark Side of the Force, he is no longer technically a Jedi.

Finn (John Boyega) used a lightsaber in Episode VII, but besides that he does not appear to have any particular affinity to the Force.

Rey, however, looks to have the most potential as a Jedi. The Force Awakens showed us that Rey has a strong connection to the Force –“stronger than she knows,” Kylo Ren told Snoke. We watched as Rey turned Kylo’s mind reading back on himself and as she took the lightsaber from him, merely by the Force.

So fans are wondering, who will the other Jedi be? It would appear that Kylo and Rey are the likeliest choices, but will it be one or both? IGN said that many are betting that Rey will be the additional Jedi, but that others are hoping for an alternative.

“Some have their money on Kylo Ren switching Dark for Light during the course of the new movie.”

Since Kylo Ren seems to parallel Anakin Skywalker in numerous ways, some suspect that this will mean that he, like Anakin, will inevitably turn from the Dark Side.

This hint at a major plotline of the next film (as well as the rest of the trilogy) is fodder for fans who are waiting in anticipation of the next big look at Episode VIII. TheInquisitr reported last week that fans have been waiting anxiously for the first official trailer for The Last Jedi. The article noted that the actors have, once again, been very “tight-lipped” just as they were leading up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So while they won’t release any information, the foreign posters’ leaked facts about the Jedi are a breath of fresh air for the eager, waiting fans.

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