‘Flip Or Flop’: Did Christina El Moussa Suggest The Show Is Ending? Fans Weep

Flip or Flop star Christina El Moussa shared an Instagram post on Thursday that some fans think might indicate the popular HGTV series is finally coming to an end. Christina El Moussa took to her personal Instagram account on Thursday to share what some fans think is just a “warm message” to the Flip or Flop crew. However, other Flip or Flop fans viewed Christina El Moussa’s post as a sort of farewell message to the series that’s had an alleged shaky future ever since Christina and Tarek El Moussa officially announced they were divorcing last month.

The Instagram post in question is a photo of the entire Flip or Flop crew, posing alongside the show’s hosts, Tarek and Christina El Moussa. Captioned with a heartfelt message that says filming the last seven seasons of Flip or Flop has been a “breeze because of them,” the photo leads some fans to believe that Christina El Moussa is actually saying “thank you” and “goodbye” to the long-running HGTV series and everyone who made it possible for the last four years.

Fans of Flip or Flop instantly began to panic on Instagram, asking if the show was ending, sharing their concern, and even indicating sadness that Flip or Flop “is going to be ending.” The confusion among fans continued as Christina El Moussa never returned to the Instagram post to clear up whether or not Flip or Flop is ending after this season. Now with close to 200 comments and over 13,000 likes, the latest comment on Christina El Moussa’s Instagram post is from a fan who writes, “Good luck to you both. I will miss your show.”

Several of Christina El Moussa’s Instagram followers actually weep in the comments, adding that they hope this doesn’t mean the end of Flip or Flop. The Wrap seems to think that Christina’s post is merely suggesting that current filming for Flip or Flop hasn’t been as easy as filming for previous seasons, especially since Tarek and Christina are now having to host the show after recently splitting from seven years of marriage. Flip or Flop fans may just be reading more into Christina’s Instagram post than what’s actually been confirmed by HGTV, who previously said that the show would continue production.

Deadline reported back in December 2016, shortly after Tarek, 35, and Christina El Moussa, 33, announced they were separating, that the production schedule of Flip or Flop would not be affected, adding that the husband-and-wife co-stars were still committed to continue Flip or Flop together “civilly and cooperatively” despite their split. But, according to Cinema Blend, rumors continue to circulate that Flip or Flop may be ending after the latest season, a rumor that’s fueled by the fact that both Tarek and Christina El Moussa have seemingly moved on in their personal lives, which would almost certainly suggest that it’s time for them to move on in their professional lives, as well.

Christina El Moussa’s recent Instagram post only adds more fuel to the rumor that Flip or Flop will soon be ending, even though ratings for the popular HGTV home-flipping show continuing to hold steady. Since Flip or Flop first aired back in April 2013, the reality TV series has gained quite a loyal fanbase — a fanbase that panicked on Thursday after Christina’s ambiguous Instagram post. But ABC News reports that the Tarek and Christina El Moussa still appear together in public “all smiles,” with Tarek actually posting on his own Instagram account last Saturday that he and Christina were having fun on the “big stage” teaching folks how to flip houses, referring to their first appearance together since their split last year, which was in Las Vegas at the 2017 Investor Summit.

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