Samsung Flexible Displays Are On The Horizon

Samsung Display is pushing forward with plans to develop flexible display units made out of plastic materials rather than glass. The company has been working on the new display option for some time now and has hinted at recent advances in the technology.

The South Korean based company has not revealed when the new flexible displays could make their way into consumer electronics.

Samsung wants the screens because they would be more durable and “unbreakable.” Samsung also notes that the displays are lighter than glass and bendable.

The Wall Street Journal cited several sources within Samsung operations who claims that the displays are being developed for use on Samsung devices and partner devices for which Samsung’s Display Arm provides screens. One of those partners was Apple until Samsung recently announced plans to stop supplying the world’s largest company with displays.

According to sources, the new flexible displays will be used with Samsung’s OLED display technology. That news could mean the flexible Samsung displays will be used in both smartphones and television sets.

Analysts believe the new displays could lower production costs for Samsung. If the technology comes to market, Samsung could also increase profits since other manufacturers will not be able to easily replicate its work.

Samsung does have some competition in the flexible display market with Sony researching similar technologies since 2002. Sony officials have not given a time frame for when its similar technology might reach the open market.

Hot on Samsung’s heels is Corning, the company behind the currently supported smartphone display technology known as Gorilla Glass. Corning recently announced Willow Glass, a material that allows for curved but not fully flexible screens. Willow Glass also does not have an estimated release date at this time.

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