‘Elder Scrolls 6’ Release Date, Rumors: Production May Have Already Begun

Over five years have passed since Skyrim was released, and there’s still no news of Elder Scrolls 6’s release date. No information can be obtained from Bethesda, so fans don’t have anything to pin their hopes on. So, when can we expect the long-awaited sequel to launch? Here’s what we know so far.

Elder Scrolls 6 May Have Already Entered Production

Rumor has it that the Elder Scrolls 6 is already in Bethesda’s current plans. Although the company is keeping quiet about its games, many believe that it is preparing to work on the new installment to the highly acclaimed series, if it hasn’t already begun.

GamingBolt previously spotted a job opening in the publisher’s Montreal division that sparked rumors of the sequel entering development. The job description calls for an “excellent 3D animator to create and implement gameplay animations;” in other words, something that Elder Scrolls 6 would need.

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It’s easy to assume that Bethesda needs more employees because it is currently working on a brand new title. However, it’s not that simple to connect it to Elder Scrolls 6. The company previously revealed that it would be working on two other big titles, and the opening could be for those games.

News Of Elder Scrolls 6 May Not Arrive Until 2019

In an August 2016 interview with GameStar(via Express), Bethesda’s Pete Hines divulged that fans should not expect Elder Scrolls 6 to appear at Gamescom 2017 or 2018. Rather, fans should expect more information about the two big games (not DLCs, he clarified to IGN, but full games), in those years. You can watch the full interview below.


It’s certainly looking like Bethesda has its hands full right now with things not concerning the Elder Scrolls 6, which is not a good news for fans of the series. Even so, there’s hope that the company is developing the new installment in conjunction with the new titles Hines mentioned.

If some news arrives in 2019, the development may have gone far enough for Bethesda to showcase some gameplay and to announce a target release date. But this is merely speculation as it is also possible that the publisher will be too busy to tend to Elder Scrolls 6 in the next couple of years.

Will We Ever Get A Sequel, Though?

In this regard, fans should not worry because Hines has already said himself that a follow up to Skyrim is still in the pipelines. They will definitely get to it eventually.

What To Expect In The Upcoming Game

According to Mic, the Skyrim successor will likely take some pages from the extremely popular sandbox game, Minecraft. The ability to create more powerful weapons, armor and other items are becoming more and more customary among open-world video games.

It was already possible in Skyrim to make armor, weapons, and even potions from ingredients that can be obtained from roaming around. Crafting stations can also be found in Fallout 4, another Bethesda title, which includes a workshop for building furniture and other settlement items.

Recently, the Homestead DLC was launched for The Elder Scrolls Online, which lets users own a home that they can decorate with items they buy or craft. It will be interesting to see how Elder Scrolls 6 expands this feature, but let’s not expect a The Sims 4 kind of building freedom.

There is also some speculation about an Elder Scrolls 6 VR version in light of the anticipated Fallout 4 VR that is coming this year. If virtual reality gaming finds success, then a game that might be released in 2020 or beyond is a good candidate for VR.

Fellow Elder Scrolls fans, what features do you want to see next in the Elder Scrolls 6?

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