Seth Meyers On Donald Trump’s Newser: ‘You Don’t Know All Orange People’

After the hectic and chaotic first few weeks in the White House, President Donald Trump held a solo press conference to announce his new pick for Secretary of Labor. However, the focus quickly turned to the recent outpouring of leaks to the news media. Leaks about the phone calls with foreign leaders to federal investigations into whether his presidential campaign coordinated with the Russian operatives. The Late Night host, Seth Meyers took the opportunity to take a dig at the 45th President of the United States.

After quickly announcing his pick for labor secretary, Alexander Acosta, Mr. Trump immediately informed that he is present here to update the “American people on the incredible progress that has been made in the last four weeks” since his inauguration in January.

“We have made incredible progress. I don’t think there’s ever been a president elected who in this short period of time has done what we’ve done,” Trump said.

During his press conference, Donald Trump stated that he inherited nothing but a “mess” and even slammed all the stories that his campaign was constantly in contact with the Russian government.

“I have never seen more dishonest media, frankly than the political media,” Trump said. “The leaks are real. The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake because so much of the news is fake.”

President Trump Holds News Conference In East Room Of White House. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

During the press conference, he talked about his poll numbers, their victory over Hillary Clinton, and even went on to discuss cable TV ratings.

“I’m here again to take my message straight to the people. As you know, our administration inherited many problems across government and across the economy. To be honest, I inherited a mess. It’s a mess. At home and abroad, a mess.”

If this was too much for the media to take, Mr. Trump even predicted how his unorthodox press conference will be presented by the media and what will be the outcomes.

“I’m not ranting and raving. I’m just telling you. You know, you’re dishonest people. But — but I’m not ranting and raving. I love this. I’m having a good time doing it.”

During Donald Trump’s newser, when a reporter from a Jewish publication asked the president about the rise in anti-Semitism in America, Mr. Trump said the asked question was insulting and even told the reporter to sit down and shut up.

Donald Trump was repeatedly pressed on whether he or his campaign staff had been in touch with the Kremlins. To this, Trump stated that he has no deals with Russia.

“I have nothing to do with Russia. Haven’t made a phone call to Russia in years,” Trump added.

Ever since Donald Trump stepped out from the press conference, there are millions of people who are talking about it. According to CNN, Trump’s one hour and fifteen minutes press conference carved out a stunning moment in the modern American political history as he displayed a sense of anger, which is rarely shown by any president in front of the gathered media.

Seth Meyers speaks at the Voices of Solidarity. [Image by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Vital Voices Global Partnership]

Apart from all the big names in the media industry, Late Night host Seth Meyers also had his own take on the recently held press conference.

During his Late Night show, Meyers stated that Trump’s administration has been stirred with nothing but chaos. He even went on to say that the President of the United States doubled down on that ongoing chaos by bringing himself in front of the media.

“To set the scene for this press conference: in just over three weeks Trump’s White House has been plagued by infighting, legal challenges, messy executive orders, the resignation of his National Security Adviser, and now the revelation that his aides had contacts with Russia during the campaign,” Meyers said.

The most awkward situation arose after Trump’s interaction with American Urban Radio Network’s D.C. bureau chief April Ryan. During his combative conference, he asked Ryan, if she is “friends” with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. To dig on Mr. Trump, Meyers recalled this incident and stated that it is absolutely racist to assume that all black people know each other.

“You don’t know all orange people,” he added.

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