Bravo Announces ‘Southern Charm’ Season 4 Premiere Date And Preview

Season 4 of Southern Charm is coming soon, but while fans wait, Bravo has released a short clip that teases what will happen with the crew down in Charleston. Season 4 of Southern Charm will bring on a few new cast members and some unexpected relationships, as well as some possible next generation charmers. And as usual, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are still trying to figure out if they can co-parent their two toddlers.

Even though in the past, Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have broken up and then gotten back together, this time, they have officially called it quits, says the Inquisitr. After a rough reunion last season, Kathryn Dennis re-committed to being the best parent possible to her kids with Ravenel, Kensie and Saint, and putting partying behind her. But Dennis and Ravenel continued to have conflicts, and Dennis has expressed her concern that while she is staying away from drugs and alcohol, Ravenel continues to drink while the kids are with him.

One storyline last year was about Cameran Eubanks and the inner conflict she had about whether or not to have kids, according to the Bravo TV website. While Cameron was happily married, she hadn’t yet decided whether or not she was ready to have kids, or if she really wanted to have children at all.


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But on the teaser reel, Cameran tells her mother that she has thrown out her birth control and was ready to try to get pregnant. Last season, when she told her mother about how conflicted she was about having kids, her mom told her not to do it unless she was sure. So imagine mom’s surprise about Cameran suddenly changing her mind.

Remember when at the reunion, Kathryn called out Landon for going on her Valentine’s Day getaway with Thomas? Kathryn was sure that Landon and Thomas had been hooking up, but they made her think like she was delusional. Well, guess what. The new couple of Season 4 Southern Charm is Landon and Thomas. But can they make a real go at a partnership, or is Thomas still not ready to see one woman?

And while there are always cast members on Southern Charm and “friends” of the cast, a new guy, Austen Kroll, will be added in, and there will be a bit of fighting among the roosters to see who is the real cock of the walk.

E! News posted the new cast photo, and missing is Whitney Sudler-Smith, who will make appearances here and there, but it looks like he will be spending more time behind the camera as the executive producer of Southern Charm. Rumor has it that much to mama Patricia’s chagrin, Whitney is no longer dating his long-distance girlfriend Larissa Marolt, but maybe he will find someone new by the end of Season 4?

And while it seemed that Kathryn Dennis was going to skip Season 4 of Southern Charm, at the last minute, she decided to return in order to show everyone that she had turned over a new leaf, and was dedicating herself to being a great mom to Kensie and Saint. But the trailer sure makes it seem that Thomas is going to make things difficult, spreading rumors that Kathryn refuses to take follow-up drug tests (for the record, Kathryn Dennis says that Thomas knows she’s been passing tests routinely, but he prefers to keep making life difficult.

But while the ladies seem to be growing up, and moving on, the boys seem to be going in reverse, and there is quite a bit of partying that looks like it belongs in a frat house and not in the home of someone over the age of 35.

Last, but not least, is Southern Charm‘s cute couple Craig and Naomie, but while they seemed excited to be engaged, there is trouble in paradise, as Naomie wants to know if Craig will ever grow up and finally take the bar. Craig seems to think Naomie has become a nag, and so, he starts flirting elsewhere. Buckle up, Southern Charm fans, for perhaps the bumpiest season yet! Southern Charm will launch Season 4 on April 3.

Will you tune in for Season 4 of Southern Charm? Are you glad that Kathryn is back?

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