Disqus releases a full public API

Commenting 2.0 startup Disqus has launched a full public API for the first time, allow developers to build new tools that utilize Disqus.

The API itself has been is use for sometime, with an official WordPress plugin using the API instead of javascript to deliver SEO friendly commenting on WordPress blogs. We’ve been using the API plugin from the day with started using Disqus, and we have no complaints.

CEO Daniel Ha notes that developers can use the API to create import tools, export tools, or even a custom Disqus plugin for any platforms. This will allow users to create Disqus tools and plugins on platforms such as up and coming blogging platfrom Habari.

It’s a positive step forward for Disqus in the ongoing battle for users currently taking place between services in this space including JS-Kit, SezWho and the now Automattic owned Intense Debate.

Full documentation of the Disqus API can be found here.


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