Is Melania Trump Really ‘Tapping’ Sara Netanyahu’s Backside In This Picture?

Looks are deceiving; at least that’s how the old saying goes. But many are convinced — in a playful way — that Melania Trump is tapping the butt of the Israeli Prime Minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu. You be the judge after checking out Melania’s photo that’s circulating on social media.

The Daily Caller‘s headline read, “Looks Like Melania Tapped The Israeli Prime Minster’s Wife On The Butt.” A picture featured in the body of the article shows Donald and Melania Trump escorting Benjamin Netanyahu and First Lady Sara inside the White House for a press conference.

Not only is everyone dressed to the nines, but also you’ll notice — as the New York Post describes — an “awkward” moment at play in the photo: Melania appears to be gingerly tapping Sara on her backside. Social media users were quick to point out Trump’s hand placement, and the rest is meme history.

President Donald Trump (R), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (2nd R) and their wives first lady Melania Trump (L) and Sara Netanyahu walk into the White House on February 15, 2017 [Image by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images]

Moments before Melania’s handsy sub-waist gesture, the two world leaders and their wives had another thorny experience. Prime Minister Netanyahu opted for the “traditional” two-cheek kiss to greet Melania. Trump, on the other hand, extended his arm to Sara for a firm handshake. The Post described it as the type one would “expect from one’s insurance broker.”

Sara appeared unmoved by the Trump’s manner of welcome; the cameras snapped her smiling the entire moment of the meet-and-greet with Melania and the President. Everyone paused for pictures and retreated inside for the presser and then a meeting in the Oval Office.

Trump and Netanyahu aka “Bibi,” as the President affectionately calls him, have been friendly for many years. The State meeting focused on a lingering issue from the Obama administration: Israel’s proposed settlements on the West Bank.

The previous administration and Israel experienced strained relations; Obama and Netanyahu differed on the proposal and path to peace. Barack and Secretary of State John Kerry desired a two-state solution.

In December, Kerry made a scathing speech at the United Nations. There, he took a rare stance against Israel for moving ahead with settlements — a move that would threaten peace with the Palestinians, as New York Times wrote.

“Secretary of State John Kerry accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Wednesday of thwarting peace in the Middle East, speaking with a clarity and harshness almost never heard from American diplomats when discussing one of their closest and strongest allies.”

Then-President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter and assured the Prime Minister that help was on the way. Further, he hinted at taking a favorable stance once he’s sworn in.

“Stay strong Israel. January 20th is fast approaching!”

However, during the press event at the White House, Trump appeared to pivot by suggesting he wanted to wait but was willing to support either a one or two-state solution based on the majority opinion and other factors.

“I’m looking at one-state and two-state and I like the one that both parties like,” Trump said.

In wrapping up the topic, the President turned his attention to Netanyahu and suggested that he hold off for “a little bit.” Trump and his Israeli counterpart took a few questions from the media and concluded the meeting.

Melania can’t seem to catch a break. Not only is she being teased about the placement of her hand on Sara’s bum, but also the First Lady is being trolled by a certain hashtag she used days ago.

Melania has been silent on Twitter since the inauguration, but she came alive and posted several messages on Feb. 11 in celebration of her meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister’s wife.

Readers appeared confused by her use of “#PoweroftheFirstLady” in three successive tweets. Some even trolled her.

What are your thoughts about Melania Trump’s hand on Sara’s derriere?

[Featured Image by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images]

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