‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finale Spoilers: Is A Major Character Set To Die?

This is the last season of the hit CW show The Vampire Diaries, so naturally, fans are desperate to find out as many of Vampire Diaries finale spoilers that they can. And now, the latest news suggests that a major character will meet his — or her — end in the finale. So which one’s on the chopping block?

Warning: This article contains spoilers. Please do not read this article if you do not wish to read Vampire Diaries finale spoilers.

FanSided was one of the first outlets to bring fans the much-needed Vampire Diaries finale spoilers. According to them, Elena — played by Nina Dobrev, who will be returning to the role that made her famous — will be standing in the Mystic Falls cemetery while mourning the death of the major character who’s died. When fans pan to the view of Elena and her loved ones, there’s one character missing — and who’s definitely missed. But who is this character?

There are certainly some theories that abound.

According to the latest Vampire Diaries finale spoilers from PopSugar, the title of the series’ finale episode should give some things away. The outlet is reporting that the last episode is called “I Was Feeling Epic,” which is Lexi’s most famous line from the first episode of the final season. This suggests that while she may not be on the immediate chopping block, she’s a strong contender for the identity of the character that will meet her — or his — demise in the series finale.

But there’s more to PopSugar’s theory than just the title of the finale, and who will meet their demise. According to them, there’s a beloved couple who will be tying the knot!

“Seeing that Kai put Elena into a potential 60-plus year slumber by linking her life to Bonnie’s, the return of Dobrev could mean a time jump. Of course, that’s assuming she actually returns as Elena and not Katherine! Even though Caroline and Stefan are facing some difficulties this season (she basically calls off their engagement because of his ripper ways), Steroline fans should still hold out hope. When we sat down with Plec during Comic-Con, she sounded pretty optimistic that the two would get their June wedding by the end of the season. As fans recall, in the first episode of the series, Caroline told Bonnie that she and Stefan (whom she had just met) were planning a June wedding.”

Finally, the latest news about Vampire Diaries finale spoilers from TV Guide suggest that they know which character is going to die, and it will do nothing but leave fans completely heartbroken.

Of course, this death may also have a positive effect: It will result in a Vampire Diaries spin-off.

On one hand, they speculate that Jeremy Gilbert will die.

“We seriously doubt the writers would be so cruel as to bring Jeremy back only to kill him off almost immediately. At least, we doubt they would do that again after what happened to Tyler (Michael Trevino) earlier this season.”

On the other, they think that Damon Salvatore will die (and he’s more likely to die than Jeremy).

“To kill Damon off right when Elena came back would be beyond painful. Of course, Damon would have to die as part of a noble cause – sacrificing himself to save his brother, Elena, Mystic Falls, etc. Although heartbreaking, a grand gesture like that would finally give Damon the redemption he’s always sought, proving to the world (and himself) that he really isn’t that selfish monster anymore. Buffy already pulled this move, so we wouldn’t be surprised if TVD followed in its footsteps.”

What do you think of these latest Vampire Diaries finale spoilers? Leave your thoughts about Vampire Diaries finale spoilers, and which character you think is going to die, in the comments below.

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