World War 3? Lebanese Entertainer Asked Donald Trump For Visa Before It Starts

World War 3 hasn’t happened yet, but many fear it will due to the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. His statements during his election campaign, as well as one certain executive order, have made him a target for even legal immigrants to practice on. One such immigrant-hopeful, Lebanese singer Maya Diab, posted a tweet to the POTUS asking him to give her a visa before he starts the inevitable war.

Some on the social media micro-blogger site took Maya’s words seriously, attacking her for things like being stupid or actually expecting Trump to care about a potential immigrant. The latter was based on Donald Trump’s actions to begin building a wall between the United States and Mexico, as well as his “Muslim ban” executive order.

Early on in his presidential campaign, Trump had stated that Mexicans weren’t sending their best across the border, instead bringing rapists, drugs, and crime in general. This drew outrage from legal immigrants who suddenly dreaded the idea that Trump would deport them for not being born in the United States. Performers like Pitbull and other Latinos had taken aim against such things happening.

Donald Trump plans to build a wall to slow illegal immigration from Mexico. [Image by zhu difeng/Shutterstock]

It didn’t end there, as after Trump was elected, celebrities like Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Steve Buscemi made a video urging the Electoral College’s faithless electors to ensure an “unfit” president would fall to the majority vote.

However, the Electoral College doesn’t work that way. There is a certain number of members in each state, on average more in smaller states to help even out the results so Texas, California, and New York aren’t the only places where voting really matters. It means even voters in Rhode Island and Connecticut have the same voice.

Riots and protests continue even a month after the election results proved Donald Trump the winner, mostly due to his “Muslim ban,” an executive order originally created by Barack Obama as a fail-safe to vet potential terrorists before allowing them to settle in the United States.

Riots and protests have erupted ever since Trump was elected. [Image by Pan_ppp/Shutterstock]

This didn’t work very well when Obama did it, as a now-dead al-Qaeda leader had committed terrorist crimes before settling in Sacramento. Donald Trump tried to tighten those restrictions indefinitely, but now that order sits in federal court waiting for a decision due to being allegedly unconstitutional.

According to Step Feed, Middle Eastern entertainer Maya Diab poked fun at Trump’s attempt, as well as those anticipating World War 3, with a tweet causing a lot of discussion.

“[Please, please], I want my well ‘deserved’ visa before [you] start [World War] 3 … [I] need [your] prompt answer [as soon as possible].”

With major countries like Russia and China allegedly making moves toward potential retaliation, and a scandal surrounding National Security Adviser Micheal Flynn’s resignation, it looks like another war is on the way. It could also look that way because people around the world haven’t seen such aggression from a U.S. president in eight years, and they fear the worst.

Many replies on Twitter show people claiming that Trump will have no problem giving Maya her visa, while some get the joke. Twitter user @Liloz_ added to it, stating that Maya will “make America great again,” and calling Trump a dodo. Others, however, slammed her, claiming the POTUS is too busy right now to respond to the Lebanese star.

One was particularly insulting, stating, “[World War] 3? Thank your god visas aren’t granted based on the person’s IQ.”

Another Twitter user took a completely different direction with his response, asking Maya to unblock him on Instagram, because “I did not do anything to you.” Another still suggested that Maya should run for president.

What did you think of Maya Diab’s tweet to President Donald Trump?

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