iPhone 8 Release Date And Specs: Will The Ailing Battery Life Ever Improve?

As news of the upcoming iPhone became public, Apple fans have been extremely excited for its launch. iPhone 8’s official release date hasn’t been exacted, but it’s confirmed that Apple will begin production of its new flagship phone somewhere in June, which is much earlier than expected. The company has decided to follow through with this to ensure that it has sufficient units to put on sale just in case the market vamps up causing a probable shortage of supply.

Some reports mention that the iPhone 8 retains a possibility of being called the iPhone X, but it’s still hearsay. Even though Apple will commence production in June, it still doesn’t imply a premature release of the iPhone 8. The phone is still forecasted to be released in September like all its previous predecessors. Commencing production in June, Apple would have a margin of three months to produce enough units to meet the expected demand which is usually sky-rocketing during the first few weeks of release. The iPhone 6S, released in 2015, sold 13 million units in just three days! As for its successor, the iPhone 7, while Apple did not provide specific figures, Tim Cook did mention in an interview that the production level reached the market demand through January, that is four months after the launch of iPhone 7.

An Apple employee hands over Apple iPhone 7 phones on the first day of sales of the new phone [Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

Another important reason for this early production, apart from catering to a sudden surge in demand, may be to ensure the quality of the iPhone 8. According to rumors, this will be the first time that Apple introduces the OLED screen and a 3D sensor in its latest smartphone. Also, the new phone will be significantly redesigned from its three-year-old predecessor. Reportedly, it will revert to the glass and metal design and might even completely remove the home button.

Perhaps one of the most exciting features which fans have been desperately waiting to hear is the mode of charging of the iPhone 8. Rumors have suggested that the new phone will support some kind of wireless charging. Although these rumors are not very convincing, but if Apple has been planning on joining the wireless power consortium, it should make sure that the technology is well beyond the experimental phase before production begins. Maybe this is why the company wants to begin production early.

It’s never all happy and dandy, right? Apart from all the good and exciting things that the iPhone 8 may have in store for its fans, there’s also a possibility that some of these innovations may not be taken well by consumers. Even though it is just hearsay right now but if Apple decides to introduce wireless charging and include a second camera in attempts to create the perfect smartphone for its users, where does that leave the new phone’s battery life?

What changes will be brought about in the upcoming iPhone 8’s battery? [Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]

Users have already complained a lot about each iPhone’s ailing battery-life, and so their criticisms will only leap ahead if the company doesn’t do much for its smartphone battery which is significantly poorer than that of Samsung’s. However, media reports claim that Apple will definitely be resolving this dilemma and increase the iPhone 8’s battery power by installing a greater size in a relatively smaller smartphone. The iPhone 8 would have dimensions similar to the current 4.7 inches of iPhone 7 which houses a 1960 mAh battery. But given the additional space in the iPhone 8, the new phone will be able to incorporate a 2700 mAh battery. The small innovation of wireless charging will surely bring about a revolution in the smartphone industry and coupled with a long battery life, Apple would ensure that its fans’ concerns are effectively catered to. The bad news, however, is that the idea of having super-durable batteries may sound awesome, but it is equally unlikely as well.

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