Tarek El Moussa In ‘Jealous Rage’ After Hiring Private Investigator

It wouldn’t be the first time that Tarek El Moussa, co-star of the reality TV show Flip or Flop, has been alleged to demonstrate bizarre behaviors, but this time Tarek may have found out more than he wished to know when he hired a private investigator to trail his soon-to-be ex-wife, Christina, and discovered the truth of her whereabouts and who she’s been keeping company with.

The couple rose to stardom with their stunning good looks and seemingly idyllic life on the HGTV show which featured them buying houses, renovating them, and “flipping” them for a profit (and sometimes “flopping”) in sunny southern California. They seemed to have it all: beautiful children, a happy marriage, and a hit show that has been going strong for 82 episodes. Unfortunately, what lies behind closed doors – or in this case, behind the set – people don’t always see.

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Allegedly, Christina El Moussa, 33-years-old, has been living in fear of Tarek for years. A source says he even has repeatedly threatened to rape Christina, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Although the source says that the shocking statement was made on the set of the show, and Tarek said it in a lighthearted manner, nobody laughed and everyone, including Christina, cringed at his words. The source says that he has made the statement more than once.

“He said, ‘Shut up, woman, or I’ll rape you.’ He actually joked about raping Christina on more than one occasion. Tarek finds it funny.”

Nobody else was laughing, however, and the members of the set did their best to shield Christina from ongoing verbal abuse, according to the source. When news came about the couple’s impending divorce, nobody was too surprised, but it has made for a tense situation since they continue to work alongside each other.

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Tarek, 35, has not taken the separation well, according to a source. In fact, he blames his former friend, Gary Anderson, who worked with Tarek and Christina on Flip or Flop, and believes that he would still have his wife if not for the involvement of Anderson. Tarek is prone to fits of jealousy, according to the source. He even hired a private investigator to find out what his estranged wife is up to, according to Hollywood Life.

“Tarek is incredibly jealous and filled with rage. When he and Christina were on the rocks, he confessed to the production crew that he suspected she was dating someone, so he hired a private investigator to follow her. He wanted to know where she was going and what she was doing. It stings, and Christina knows it. It’s hard for Tarek to see Christina dating, but it’s even worse that Gary is the guy she’s with. There’s nothing that could be more upsetting to Tarek than to see her with a guy who is like him but better — and that’s Gary. He’s in the same industry as Tarek, but he’s older and more established and has more money.”

If true, these allegations are alarming because there have been other unconfirmed rumors of instability with Tarek El Moussa – including a time that he and Christina, while still living together, got into a heated verbal argument and Tarek stormed out of the house with a pistol in his hand before running into the woods. Christina feared for his and others’ safety and called the police, but when Tarek was interviewed he allegedly told the police that he was just walking in the woods to calm down and that the pistol was to ensure his safety from wild animals.

Do you believe Tarek is mentally stable? Is Christina El Moussa in danger? Share your thoughts.

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