Kate Middleton News: Should Kate’s Paris Wardrobe Include Skinny Jeans?

Kate Middleton’s wardrobe is the stuff of dreams for most of us. Kate has the best dresses, hats, shoes, and coats. Middleton’s wardrobe includes the most beautiful gowns and stunning jewelry, including a sapphire and diamond engagement ring that originally belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana.

According to Vogue, a statement from Kensington Palace about Kate and William’s upcoming trip to Paris indicates that the duchess will have lots of opportunities to show off some of that gorgeous clothing.

Kate Middleton met Justin Trudeau while wearing a stunning Canadian-inspired dress. [Image by Andrew Chin/Getty Images]

The statement said that the royal couple will attend “a reception for young French leaders from a variety of fields, a formal dinner at the residence of Her Majesty’s Ambassador,” and other formal and semi-formal events yet to be announced.

Kate isn’t limited to fancy frocks and precious gems when she chooses her wardrobe.

It’s true that the Duchess of Cambridge knows how to rock a tiara. She looked stunning in the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara that was also passed on to Middleton from Princess Diana’s collection. It’s also true that almost nobody wears a designer formal gown the way Kate Middleton does.

But whenever the duchess’ engagements give her the opportunity, she prefers to slip on a pair of casual skinny jeans with one of her classic blazers.

The problem is, Middleton’s jeans don’t always stay up.

Kate Middleton dresses casually in slightly saggy jeans for an outdoor royal appearance. [Image by Andy Stenning WPA – Pool/Getty Images]

There’s no other way to say it: Kate Middleton’s off-duty denims may be “practical, easy to wear when rambling in the countryside, and comfortable for her mummy duties,” but when Middleton wears her blue jeans for her more public appearances, she’s been noticed spending a lot of time hitching them up.

The Mirror reports that the trendy close-fit jeans with their mid-waisted cut just won’t stay up on the boyishly built duchess.

“But it seems as much as The Duchess Of Cambridge adores her skinny fit jeans, she seems to be having a little problem with them. They keep falling down.”

You’d think that someone with all the fashion resources of the British royal family at her beck and call wouldn’t keep having this “embarrassing wardrobe malfunction,” but Middleton’s denim dilemma happens over and over again.

Kate Middleton’s jeans keep letting her down, creating sagging wrinkles at the ankles. [Image by Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images]

The problem of Middleton’s saggy jeans is worrying royal watchers as they consider how Kate will dress in Paris. They wouldn’t want Prince William’s wife letting down England in the home of fashion.

Middleton could decide to switch to jeans with a higher waist line to stop the denims from “annoyingly slipping over her hips,” or she could add a belt to the mix. There are ways to keep the jeans while losing the sag, but it might be time to just lose the jeans, at least while Kate is on duty or in public.

If Kate Middleton isn’t ready to be convinced that her skinny jeans are a liability, she might at least be willing to leave them at home when she goes to Paris. People magazine has put together a list of Paris designers for the duchess to consider adding to her wardrobe for her trip to the fashion capital.

The iconic Coco Chanel suit in a black-and-white tweed is a no-brainer for a style-conscious woman like Middleton. She already likes the Jackie O look, and Jackie was famous for her little two-piece suits.

Kate Middleton loves the Coco Chanel style suits favored by Jacqueline Kennedy. [Image by George DeSota/Newsmakers/Getty Images]

Kate has never tried a Dior dress, but Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, visited the Dior atelier recently. The designer makes some “classic Kate-style” dresses, so it only makes sense that Middleton would wear a Dior design while she’s in Paris.

On a completely different note, if Kate wants to keep it casual with a favorite style, she can’t do better than to pick up a “signature French striped shirt” made in Normandy. It’s no news that “the French love their striped shirt, and so does Kate,” so this is a great chance to give the stripes an airing.

Kate Middleton often wears one of her signature French striped shirts. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

What do you think? Should Kate stop wearing skinny jeans in public? Will the duchess add some French classics to her wardrobe while Middleton and Prince William are in Paris?

[Featured Image by Mark Large – Pool/Getty Images]

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