Taeyeon, SNSD Leader And Soloist, To Have 2017 K-Pop Comeback With ‘I Got Love’

Taeyeon, the leader of K-pop girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) who are better known as Girls’ Generation and soloist, had one of the most successful years in her solo career in 2016. Utilizing her newfound popularity as said soloist in 2015 with her debut solo track song “I,” she continued forward with the first song for SM Station titled “Rain,” another solo track song titled “Why,” and rounded out the year with “11:11.”

It is only natural for both Taeyeon and her entertainment label and agency SM Entertainment to want to continue her success into 2017. And now she is about to start it for this year with her first K-pop comeback for 2017, a song titled “I Got Love.”

The news of Taeyeon making her first K-pop comeback for 2017 was first announced on February 14 when SM Entertainment confirmed to Korean entertainment news outlets that the Girls’ Generation leader is in the midst of preparing a new album, as reported by Soompi. Eventually, Taeyeon would also announce that she was back in the studio working on said new album via post on her Instagram account. She even showed a bit of sass in the quote in which she wrote the following to K-pop fans, especially those who are Sones (official fan club of Girls’ Generation) and/or Taegangers (official fan club of Taeyeon).

Eventually, Taeyeon and SM Entertainment would release pre-release teasers for her comeback revealing the song’s title to be “I Got Love.” The first teaser is a music video snippet (attached above) which shows how fierce-looking Taeyeon is. To be frank, it was hard to even recognize her in some of that music video snippet. Also, Taeyeon released teaser images too off of her official website.

The second teaser for Taeyeon’s 2017 K-pop comeback ‘I Got Love’ has her in a somewhat revealing outfit on to of a pedestal decorated with red roses. This teaser might have taken Valentine’s Day into consideration. [Image by SM Entertainment/Taeyeon’s Official Website]

Given Taeyeon’s success record with her K-pop comebacks in which all of her songs have been hits, we can expect that “I Got Love” will just be equally successful. However, we eventually learned something about “I Got Love” that will really make K-pop fans excited and that is the song is actually a pre-release track off of Taeyeon’s upcoming full-length studio album, as reported by AllKpop. It is the same tactic SM Entertainment used for Girls’ Generation’s last full-length studio album Lion Heart in which they pre-released “Party” three months ahead before the actual album.

Take note that prior to this upcoming K-pop comeback, Taeyeon has never released a full-length studio album throughout the entirety of her solo career. Both I and Why are extended plays (EPs) or what are called mini-albums in South Korea. “Rain” was a song specifically made to introduce the K-pop community to SM Station and technically isn’t part of any album. Finally, “11:11” is released as part of a single album.

Right now, we have very little information on Taeyeon’s upcoming full-length studio album and to be honest, we most likely won’t get any information until after “I Got Love” releases in about three days. On February 18 at midnight KST, “I Got Love” will release which also includes the music video too.

As for the other members of Girls’ Generation, three other members besides Taeyeon — Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun — have also pursued solo careers in music. It is unknown if they too will make K-pop comebacks this year. Actually, we might see Girls’ Generation come back for a new album given the fact their contracts as a girl group are getting close to expiring.

[Featured Image by SM Entertainment/Taeyeon’s Official Website]

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