‘American Horror Story’ Rumors: Ryan Murphy Gets Political For Season 7?

American Horror Story’s Season 7 plot has been a mystery. Reportedly, the only people who know about it are series creator Ryan Murphy and actor Sarah Paulson. According to TV Series Lover, Murphy gave his fans Valentine’s Day present when he allegedly revealed information about the new season.

Apparently, Ryan announced that American Horror Story would return on September 6. That’s right, AHS fans, you have almost exactly six months til the new season begins. For most fans, that was great news since they feared they might have to wait until October.

Murphy also said that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson would be the two main characters of the season. Many fans were worried after last season that Peters would only appear a few times again. He decided to disclose that juicy tidbit to put his viewers’ mind at ease.

The last piece of information the American Horror Story fans needed to know is what the theme will be and what the ship at sea teaser really meant. Ryan explained that American Horror Story would have a political theme for Season 7. More importantly, it will have a current political theme and be “incredibly scary.” He teased that Season 7 would be the “scariest season to date.” American Horror Story fans are perplexed with how a politically charged topic could be absolutely terrifying. Murphy further explained that the season would address a “current political problem.” Of course, right now, the United States has multiple current political issues, so it will be hard to interrupt his meaning.

The night Season 6 ended, Murphy released a teaser that got the American Horror Story viewers talking. It was an eerie ship on dark water. The ship looked to be deserted and full of ghosts. In other words, it seemed like the perfect setting for another great American Horror Story adventure. Immediately, the AHS fans assumed that Season 7 would be pirate-themed, but it looks like that may have just been thrown out on social media to trick the fans.

A few months ago, Ryan explained that he would not reveal any details about the American Horror Story theme until February to March because he was still writing the script. At the time, he teased that he knew the outline of the theme and revealed it to Sarah Paulson.

A political theme, based on current issues the country is facing, is pretty vague. The plot could be based on one of our recent presidents or the current division in our nation.

Murphy will release more teasers next month with a date that we could see a trailer for the season. As of now, Ryan did not reveal the season’s name or any real details about the plot.

The AHS spoilers did not clarify if the other series regulars would star in Season 7. Specifically, they didn’t disclose if Cuba Gooding Jr. would appear in the new season. However, Murphy explained after the Season 6 finale that he was “extremely happy” with Cuba’s performance.

The best news about this tidbit is that Evan Peters will be one of two main characters. Last season, AHS fans were not happy that Peters was in two of the ten episodes. And, in six months, American Horror Story will be a part of your Wednesday night routine once again.

One thing American Horror Story fans can depend on is that Murphy will create an exciting storyline with many twists and turns along the way.

American Horror Story fans, are you excited about Season 7? How do you think Ryan Murphy will create an engaging political theme into the series?

American Horror Story returns in September on FX.

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