Carlesha Freeland-Gaither: Street Abduction Of Philly Woman Caught On Tape On ID

The abduction of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, the woman abducted from a Philly street three years ago, will be featured in the Investigation Discovery documentary See No Evil. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither made headlines after a video of her live abduction made its rounds on social media and in news stories. Her story played out differently than most since she was found alive and rescued just days later.

See No Evil will tell the story using commentary from law enforcement investigators who were hailed as heroes in her swift rescue, along with video footage of the actual kidnapping. The See No Evil episode featuring Freeland-Gaither’s case is titled “Captured on Camera.”

An Abduction In Germantown

In November of 2014, Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was literally snatched off the cold streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at around 9:40 p.m. Her horrifying kidnapping was captured on camera and disseminated all over social media and in newspapers across America in the hopes that someone would come forward with information.

In the video, posted below, viewers saw a thinly built black woman being approached by a husky African-American man dressed in black clothing and a dark hoodie. It appeared that as he approached her, he said something and extended his hand for a handshake. Authorities say that handshake was his way of taking a hold of the young woman as she screamed for help. Carlesha, a nursing student at the time, was whisked away down the street and then shoved inside of a vehicle. On camera, Carlesha can be seen using her feet to smash the glass in a desperate attempt to escape.

Investigators were notified by witnesses who said they heard her screams. When detectives arrived, they found Carlesha Freeland-Gaither’s glasses and her cell phone. For three days, the media and the police worked the story. A reward was offered for anyone to come forward with info.

Then just days later, police got the break they needed.

A man dressed in the same black clothing was caught on video withdrawing money from Carlesha’s bank account. A clear picture of the mysterious kidnapper was also captured inside of a convenience store. Law enforcement officials received tips regarding the man’s identity. His distinctive walk helped seal his fate.

Police later found Carlesha Freeland-Gaither sitting in a car in Jessup, Maryland. Still alive, she was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Her abductor was identified as 37-year-old Delvin Barnes, a criminal and rapist with a lengthy rap sheet, ABC News reported.

In 2005, Delvin Barnes held his estranged wife hostage in her own house. She was attacked and raped. At the time, the woman had a restraining order against Barnes. NBC Philadelphia provides more details.

“On Nov. 28, 2005, Barnes’ estranged wife returned to her home around 9:45 p.m., according to court records. Officials said she had a protective order against Barnes due to past abuse. As she was going to bed around 10:15 p.m., Barnes jumped out of her bedroom closet and tried to talk to her, record say. She then told him to leave or she would call police, but Barnes refused.”

In October of 2014, Delvin Barnes allegedly abducted a female teen who was found naked and bleeding, according to PIX-11.

Aside from Carlesha’s rescue, what stood out the most in this story was the teacher who helped police confirm the kidnapper’s identity and the police officers’ heroic rescue.

At the time of reporting, it wasn’t clear if Carlesha knew Delvin Barnes or if it was a true stranger abduction. This should be cleared up tonight in See No Evil’s coverage of the case. Also, find out more about what happened during Carlesha Freeland-Gaither’s captivity on See No Evil tonight on Investigation Discovery. Check your local TV Guide for times.

[Featured Image by Joseph Kaczmarek/AP Images]

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