CW Releases ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Series Finale Teaser And Elena Is Back!

Elena is officially back in The Vampire Diaries series finale. After months of speculation and weeks of wondering which character of Nina Dobrev’s will return, the CW’s latest TVD series finale teaser has cleared it all up.

The teaser is just 10 seconds long, but that is enough to get fans super excited for The Vampire Diaries series finale. Fans have wondered since July – after the announcement that Season 8 would be the last – whether Dobrev would reprise her role as Elena Gilbert. Elena’s appearance would allow to bring some closure to the show, but nobody was confirming the actress’ involvement in the finale.

It was only last month that fans got the confirmation they needed that Dobrev would return to The Vampire Diaries. However, questions soon started circulating. Would Dobrev reprise her role of Elena Gilbert or would she reprise the role of Katherine Pierce instead? Both characters make complete sense for the current storyline since hell is involved, and it looked like Katherine had been dragged to hell in Season 5.

Fans would have preferred Elena, especially Delena fans. They want to see the love story between Damon and Elena completely wrapped up. The CW’s latest The Vampire Diaries series finale trailer makes it clear that Elena is going to return and she is completely confused.

For fans who aren’t completely caught up or don’t remember, Kai Parker put a curse on Elena. She would remain in a Sleeping Beauty-like coma until her best friend Bonnie died. If Bonnie looked for a way around the curse, Elena would be gone forever. Of course, Elena sacrificed herself for her friend’s happiness, accepting that she would wake up in about 60 years time.

Now she is waking up earlier than expected. Last week in The Vampire Diaries Season 8, Kai returned with a way to kill Cade. In the trailer for this week’s episode, he is heard offering Damon the chance to bring Elena back. There is the suggestion that this doesn’t mean Bonnie will have to die and that he is willing to remove the curse.

In the series finale teaser, Elena asks why she is back so soon. She doesn’t sound too panicked, suggesting that she knows Bonnie is still alive. It sounds like she is confused why and how the curse has been broken.

Seventeen Magazine does make a note that Elena in The Vampire Diaries series finale trailer doesn’t mean that she is definitely returning. This could be a dream sequence to keep fans happy.

It is unlikely Julie Plec will do something like that to the fans. She knows fans want to see Delena back together. Fans need closure, so The Vampire Diaries can officially wrap.

All this doesn’t mean that Katherine won’t appear. There is still the possibility that Katherine will be in hell somewhere to help everyone bring an end of Cade. While she isn’t known for working with others, she will do anything if it means to escape eternal torture. Katherine has always been a woman out for herself. She also loved her daughter, and it is possible that Nadia is in hell with her and Katherine is looking for ways to save them both.

The Vampire Diaries has now officially ended filming. Dobrev’s last scenes were shot on February 6, with others wrapping up a few days later. Now it’s time for the final bits of editing before the series finale to air on March 10. The week after The Originals will return with its Season 4 premiere, including some of the elements from The Vampire Diaries series finale.

Are you excited for The Vampire Diaries series finale? What do you think of the latest teaser? Has it got your mouth watering?

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