WWE News: Vader Sends Out Disturbing Tweet Concerning Failing Health

It has been no secret that WWE legendary superstar Big Van Vader has been in declining health for a while now. Vader actually told fans last year that he was dying, but there was some small hope back in December when he said Diamond Dallas Page was going to help him.

However, after a disturbing tweet today, it sounds like Vader might not have much longer to live. Vader seems like he has resigned himself to the fact that the end is near for him

“As I enter my final days, proud of the Father Son Brother Football player Pro WrestlerThe Super Heavy Big Man Goat Im Grateful for the Time”

Fans of the former WWE star have to hope that the tweet is just a bout of depression or that it means something other than what it sounds like. The tweet has well over 150 comments from fans wishing the big man the best and many asking him to keep fighting.

In December, Vader said that he was going to meet up with Diamond Dallas Page and that he hoped Page could help him add some time to his life through the DDP Yoga health program. Vader said that he hoped to lose up to 100 pounds, which would relieve pressure on his heart.

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In November, Vader posted on Twitter that doctors diagnosed him with congestive heart failure and that he had two years left to live. While DDP Yoga wouldn’t save Vader’s life, it might extend it and at the least make things better for him as time progresses.

According to the older news, Vader said he was meeting with Diamond Dallas Page on Jan. 2 to start to work on the DDP Yoga program, and Page later said that he was ready to help Vader lose the weight he needed to feel better.

However, it is just over one month later, and Vader has sent out this scary tweet that makes it sound like that two years might be even more than he had hoped for. Unless Vader is just being reminiscent of his life and considers his “final days” to be the next two years, time might be running out for the big man.

Vader, 61, had ballooned up to 405 pounds at one point. In 2014, he posted a photo of himself on Twitter and said he had dropped 60 pounds and was getting into better shape. That put Vader at 345 pounds right before his 60th birthday.

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If Vader did start the DDP Yoga program in January, he has only given it one month before sending out this latest ominous tweet. Mick Foley started the DDP Yoga program last year, and he dropped 100 pounds in one year. Foley was at 335 pounds when he started, just 10 pounds lighter than Vader, and it took him a full year to hit his 100-pound goal.

Fans have to hope that Vader hasn’t already given up on his goals to get healthier to possibly extend his life.

This year, the WWE is rumored to induct Diamond Dallas Page into the WWE Hall of Fame. He already helped save the lives of men like Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, his DDP Yoga program helping them turn their lives around and get in better shape.


Page has also helped WWE superstars like Chris Jericho and Goldust get a new lease on their careers by getting them back into shape despite getting up there in years.

With the new tweets from Big Van Vader, many fans have to be worried that they will never get to see him inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before it is too late.

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