The Curse Of Oak Island: Of Sticks And Stones: Recaps, Spoilers, And Commentary

Curse of Oak Island: “Of Sticks and Stones” (Season 4, episode 14) aired Tuesday night, and for those who enjoy recaps and spoilers, or enjoy reading commentary, you’ve come to the right place.

As with all episodes of Curse of Oak Island, not a lot actually happened on “Of Sticks and Stones.” That’s largely due to the show’s producers’ go-to method of filling each episode with recaps or previous episodes, showing recaps of what’s happened in the current episode whenever they come back from commercial break, providing background exposition here and there, and stretching a little bit of footage of actual work being done into long segments.

It’s a narrative method that bedevils the show’s fans (more on that in a few paragraphs), but it’s necessary considering that the show’s producers have precious little to go on. Four seasons into the show, the main characters – Michigan businessmen, the Lagina Brothers – still haven’t found the mythical buried treasure.

You may remember that on last week’s episode, the brothers focused their attention on a partially deciphered treasure map. So far, that map has failed to turn up anything meaningful, so in this week’s episode, they return to the original Money Pit. Monsters and Critics writer James Wray explained the episode.

“The Money Pit is pretty much the source well for all the various legends and rumors of treasure in respect of Oak Island and this week the Lagina brothers decide to focus on not just boring in that area but actually digging into the original pit.”

So what did they find? Nothing. Nothing at all. Well, OK, they found a few bits of this and that which they reasoned date to the 16th century, but no buried pirate treasure, or anything of the sort.

That Curse of Oak Island manages to devote nearly an hour each week to the Lagina brothers not finding buried pirate treasure is starting to become a bone of contention among the show’s fans. On the Monsters and Critics message boards, several fans expressed concern about the show’s lack of progress.

Mary Curtiss: Great job Rick,Marty and the team! I knew you and the rest of the guys were going to find the gold.!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!

Kyle Carmean: I watch this show every week but it seems there is only 5 minutes of actual new things and the rest are just recaps of everything and it’s so annyoing [sic].

Another source of annoyance for Curse of Oak Island‘s fans is the fact that the narrator tries valiantly to connect the mythical treasure to just about every known legend in history, from the Masons to the Knights Templar and just about everything in between (and please don’t blame the narrator – he’s just reading from a script, after all).

By the way, if you’re thinking the Lagina Brothers are going to find the buried Oak Island treasure in next week’s episode (the season finale), you’re going to be disappointed. Months pass between the time when the show is filmed and when you see it on your screen, and if the brothers had found the treasure, you’d have known about it by now. It would have been all over the news. Since no one is covering the story of treasure hunters finding a 200-year-old buried pirate treasure, it’s a safe bet that it hasn’t happened.

The Curse of Oak Island season 4 finale airs next Tuesday, February 21, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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