Kazim Akboga Suizid: German YouTube Star’s Suicide Shocks Family And Fans

“Kazim Akboga Suizid” started trending after the German star was found to be dead. German word “Suizid” means suicide in English. The news of his death has shocked his family and his fans alike. The confirmation of his death comes from his manager May-Brit Stabel, who posted it on the star’s official Facebook page on behalf of his family.

“Sad News: Kazim is no longer living. The Management wishes also on behalf of his family, this here on Facebook with respect,” a translated version of the statement said. “The request for a respect I repeat here again. Already had some comments will be deleted. Thank you also on behalf of the family for the condolences and the many condolences.” The statement asks fans to stay away from starting any discussion about the death on the Facebook page. The family also asks Kazim’s fans to refrain from making any comment on the circumstances surrounding his death.

Who Is Kazim Akboga?

“Kazim Akboga suizid” started trending for the advertising figure, who became a celebrity overnight after the Berlin transport company (BVG) had him in a promotional clip. When the video named “Is mir egal” (I do not care) appeared online in November 2015, it reached more than nine million views. According to OK! Magazine, the popular German celebrity was suffering from psychological issues in recent times. He was also receiving medical assistance for the same. The Turkish-born comedian was just 34 when he took his life.

Suicide Shocks Fans, BVG

The BVG said in a statement that it was dismayed by the songwriter’s death. “We have learned to appreciate and appreciate Kazim as a creative and humorous person, one that simply suited us and our city,” Spiegel Online quoted BVG CEO Sigrid Nikutta as saying. This video eventually made Kazim a YouTube sensation.

The BVG was shocked by Kazim Akboga’s suicide. [Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

Kazim Akboga suizid shocked fans who could not resist commenting on the Facebook post. Many comments were deleted. There was a further instruction from the family against making comments on the news. However, the family appreciated the condolences, which poured in. One of the fans asked “haters” to learn from this and stop making fun of people. Another fan talked about Kazim’s message “nothing matters.” The fan says, while people might have misunderstood the meaning behind the message, the star actually means everything and everyone is the same.

“No matter who or what you are, he accepted all people and wanted the world a little better.”

Kazim Akboga’s “Is mir egal”

The video that made Kazim an overnight star featured him as a ticket inspector. He checks tickets in subways and buses. The satirical rap focuses on the importance of having a valid ticket while traveling. Kazim says in the video that he does not care if people are grating cheese or riding a horse, as long as they have a valid ticket. International media named Kazim Akboga as the “Turkish Weird Al” because of his hilarious performance in the video, which is considered as one of the finest public service campaigns ever made. The video makes fun of Berlin’s counter-culture. In the video, Kazim Akboga does not care about dogs dressed as a shark, men making out or ladies with beards.

Robin Williams suffered from depression and eventually committed suicide. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

Kazim Akboga Suizid is shocking because of the funny public image the star had. He is, however, not the only celebrity who used to hide depression behind a smiling face. Hollywood also has funny men like Robin Williams. The man, known for making people laugh all the time, suffered from depression and eventually committed suicide.


[Featured Image by Kazim Akboga/Facebook]

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