No Lindsay Lohan Hasn’t Converted To Islam, But She’s Thinking About It

Lindsay Lohan has denied rumors that she has converted to Islam. Lohan sparked the rumors last month when she deleted all of her previous pictures from Instagram and erased all previous posts from her Twitter account.

According to US Weekly, at the time of the great social media cleansing, a representative for Lohan stated Lindsay was in a “period of renewal” and trying to make positive changes in her life. Followers immediately assumed Lohan was converting to Islam because the words “Alaikum salam” were the only things left under her name on her Instagram. “Alaikum salam” is an arabic greeting meaning “peace be unto you.”

Lindsay Lohan says she has not converted to Islam but does want to promote peace and love. [Image by Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images for LuisaViaRoma]

Lindsay had been spending a lot of time recently visiting Syrian refugees and the actress appeared to have been humbled by the experience. Lohan, who has struggled with addiction and legal issues in the past, appeared to be on some sort of spiritual and emotional journey but in a recent Facebook Live Q&A, Lindsay was able to clarify exactly what that meant.

When asked if she had converted to Islam, Lohan admitted to having an interest in it and studying the religion, but Lindsay was quick to point out she had not committed to being a follower.

“I’ve studied the Quran for quite some time,” Lindsay told the Daily Mail during the Q&A. “It’s a process to convert to anything. I respect all religions… it’s a beautiful religion and i am a very spiritual person… it’s something I’ve been studying. You cant just convert overnight to a religion.

While Lindsay confirmed she had not converted to Islam, Lohan did admit that there was still a possibility. “Anything’s possible,” Lindsay said before elaborating. “This is more of a personal journey. A lot of different religions and spiritualities appeal to me.”

Lohan also took the opportunity to encourage others to offer a supportive hand to President Donald Trump. During the interview, Lindsay admitting to being fearful about returning to her home in New York due to the current administration’s views on followers on Islam. While acknowledging that fear, however, Lohan stated that the only way to make a difference and enlighten President Trump and his administration was to show support for them.

Lindsay appeared to be going off the adage of you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar as Lohan went on to explain her position further, “I think it would be a positive thing for America to show their care and support, and for him to experience what it’s like for these people… experience how giving Turkey has been to the refugees and how many they have welcomed in.”

Lohan returned to Instagram two weeks ago with her first picture being of a meeting she had with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family. At the time she used the social media platform to request that Donald Trump reconsider his travel ban.

In Lohan’s most recent Instagram post, she thanked the United Nations for allowing her to attend as they discussed “Goal 16.” According to the United Nations website, Goal 16 is a developmental program promoting “peace, justice, and strong institutions.”

Lindsay Lohan’s appearance at the United Nations and her continued visits with Syrian refugees suggest that the actress really might be attempting to turn over a new leaf and find peace with the inner demons of her younger years. Despite her recent interest in political activism and religion, however, Lindsay insists she still wants to continue with a film career.

“I love acting, it’s my forte,” Lohan admitted. And when asked what project she would like to work on, Lindsay said she was still hoping for a Mean Girls revival, even if it was high school reunion style and Cady, Regina, and all of the other mean girls had grown up to be mean moms.

More than likely, Lindsay Lohan fans are hoping for the same thing.

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