WWE News: Strange But True Reason Behind The Emmalina Gimmick Being Dropped

For four months, the wrestling fans of the world have been watching and waiting for Emmalina to make her grand debut on WWE television. Last year, there were vignettes and promos showing that Emma had received a big-time makeover and she would soon head back to show everyone. Well, on this week’s Monday Night Raw, she was set to finally arrive, but instead, Emma showed up and gave a very awkward promo, but there’s a good reason for it.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, Emmalina finally made her debut last night on Raw as had been promised for more than four months. Just as quickly as she made her debut, she was gone as Emmalina came out and said it was just a one-night thing and she was transitioning back to Emma.

Yeah, it really doesn’t make much sense to anyone, but there is a strange but true reason for that whole awkward promo.

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While the debut of Emmalina had become a bit of a backstage joke after it didn’t initially happen, there is a real reason as to why the gimmick was pulled. Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that WWE actually had very big plans for the Emmalina character, but producers found out that it just wasn’t going to work.

After numerous rehearsals, the WWE producers realized that she simply couldn’t pull off the look and attitude they were trying to accomplish.

WWE was attempting to bring back a character that could be seen in the same light as Sable and Stacy “The Kat” Carter who were both huge during WWE’s Attitude Era. They both held the Women’s Championship one time each and were seen as huge sex symbols during their time in the ring.

They wanted Emmalina to be a “throwback” character of sorts and bring to the current product what Sable and The Kat brought years ago. When Emma was injured last year, producers thought that her return was the perfect opportunity to have this gimmick be brought to life.

Unfortunately for them, it simply didn’t work out.

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After a few rehearsals, they kept trying to get the gimmick to work with Emma and that is part of the reason that her return/debut kept being delayed. There was still hope that she could end up pulling it off, but it never worked out.

So, that is why Emmalina walked out last night, presented herself to the crowd, and then she announced that she would now transition back into Emma. It wasn’t awkward just to be awkward, but it was awkward because WWE is going in a different direction with the superstar.

The idea of a Sable or Kat gimmick being given to another women’s superstar hasn’t been scrapped completely. The backstage brass supposedly still love the idea and will likely pass it onto another superstar in the future, but it wasn’t meant to be for Emma.

As Inquisitr recently reported, it really was the big-time debut that was never going to happen.

There has been no word on what will happen with Emma as she has already had a number of gimmick changes during her time in NXT and on WWE’s main roster. She will likely be back now that she is healthy, but it may just be the dark heel persona she had before her injury.

It seems as if WWE really had a lot of faith in Emma and hoped that she would be the “next big thing” in the women’s division on Monday Night Raw. Sure, she has the looks and the sex appeal that Sable and The Kat had, but she is more talented in the ring than they were. For some reason, the backstage brass just feel as if she didn’t have what it takes to make the transition and that the Emmalina gimmick would never happen.

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