Actress Mischa Barton Reportedly Crashes Moving Truck Into Apartment Building

Former O.C. actress Mischa Barton just can’t seem to snag a break. Just weeks after her highly publicized and terrifying 31st birthday meltdown, the starlet reportedly found herself in another embarrassing situation on Saturday night. According to TMZ, that’s when Barton crashed her U-Haul moving truck into a West Hollywood apartment complex carport.

At the time of the accident, Mischa Barton was reportedly moving from one home to another, and the wreck is said to have taken place at her new digs.

So what caused Mischa to crash her rental moving truck into the apartment carport? Reportedly, the incident was the result of Mischa Barton miscalculating the carport’s height and clearance. Ultimately, Barton appears to have gotten the U-Haul wedged underneath the carport, trapping the vehicle and apparently doing some damage to both the moving truck and the building.

Unfortunately for Mischa Barton, her troubles were once again caught on video for the world to see. Check out the aftermath of the wreck in the video below.

In the video, a clearly distraught Mischa Barton can be heard lamenting her situation with first responders. The actress claimed that all of her worldly possessions were in the damaged moving truck, and clearly she had no idea how to fix the problem.

“Everything I own is in this U-Haul…What are we even going to do about this?”

While Mischa was concerned about her stuff, the paramedics who responded to the scene of the unfortunate crash clearly had bigger worries. In the video of the incident, the EMTs can be heard asking Mischa Barton if she was hurt or had suffered any injuries in the accident.

In the video, Mischa can be heard telling the paramedics that she didn’t need to be transported to the hospital. However, Barton was very concerned about the condition of the apartment building.

“The whole thing looks like it’s gonna fall through. Oh no, this is really bad.”

It is unknown what measures had to be taken to remove the wedged-in U-Haul from underneath the apartment building carport or how much damage was actually done to Mischa Barton’s new West Hollywood home as a result of the crash.

The apartment building crash reportedly occurred just 17 days after Barton had a very public meltdown following her 31st birthday bash on January 25. In that incident, which took place at Mischa Barton’s former West Hollywood apartment complex, the police had to be involved and Barton ended up in the hospital.

As the Mirror reports, the January 25 incident began in the early morning hours. That’s when neighbors noticed a woman (later identified as Mischa Barton) behaving erratically. Mischa was reportedly only partially clothed and yelling that, among other things, her mother was a witch, when neighbors called police at about 7:00 a.m. that day.

When first responders arrived at the scene, Barton was reportedly cooperative, and she was voluntarily taken to a local hospital to undergo a medical evaluation. After the incident, in which Mischa spent the night hospitalized, she released a statement to her fans to explain what had happened. In that statement, Mischa Barton claimed that she had been slipped a common date rape drug against her will while out partying for her birthday.

“On the evening of the 25th, I went out with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday. While having drinks, I realized that something was not right as my behavior was becoming erratic and continued to intensify over the next several hours.

“I voluntarily went to get professional help, and I was informed by their staff that I had been given GHB. After an overnight stay, I am home and doing well.”

In the immediate aftermath of Mischa’s January meltdown, there was widespread social media speculation that the star may have been under the influence of illicit drugs at the time of her bizarre episode.

Some fans also speculated that Barton could be seeing a repeat of a 2009 incident in which the actress required psychiatric care after she threatened suicide. Afterwards, Mischa claimed that she had never truly been suicidal, despite having been “very depressed” and making threats to end her life.

Mischa would go on to release a statement about her psychiatric hold and the events leading up to it.

“It was a full-on breakdown. It was terrifying. I was never suicidal, I was just overworked and depressed. But one slip of the tongue in a heightened moment and you find yourself in that situation.”

Mischa Barton is also no stranger to the legal system. Back in 2007 the actress was picked up by police for suspicion of drunk driving. The case never went to trial, however, because Barton pleaded guilty to both DUI and not having a valid driver’s license. She would go on to serve three years probation and complete court-ordered alcohol treatment classes.

There is no indication that Saturday’s U-Haul wreck was alcohol-related. A representative for Mischa Barton has declined to respond to media requests for comments about the accident.

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