Upcycle Valentine’s Day Chocolate Heart Boxes, Free Craft Ideas You Can Use


Valentine’s Day is here and that means there are plenty of chocolate heart boxes soon to be discarded. Instead of throwing your chocolate boxes away, you can upcycle and repurpose them. Heart boxes can be transformed into gift boxes, jewelry boxes or even works of art. Classic rectangular boxes like Whitman’s Samplers can be adorned and decorated with fabric, scrapbooking paper, jewels, embellishments, and more. Here are some examples of upcycled Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes that prove the adage one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Check out the videos in the playlist above for more creative ideas and techniques you can use to repurpose other boxes commonly found in the home.

Here is a tutorial from EcoScrapbook that uses glue dots and Valentine’s Day chocolate heart box lids of different sizes to make a decorative wall hanging. The heart lids are strung together and adorned with ribbon roses. You may see photos and a tutorial here.


This beautiful repurposed Whitman’s Sampler box comes from Carol Hurlock of Chocolate Crafts and Bears. She shared a heartwarming story of how she not only repurposed the box but then filled it with chocolates and sent it to her mother on Valentine’s Day. Repurposing Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes for future Valentine’s decorations is a popular gift idea. In addition to upcycling boxes, Valentine’s day cards can be cut out and used as wall decor or even embellishments for other projects. Use lace, fabric, scrapbooking paper, decoupage, old photos or magazine photos to create your own beautiful gift box from Whitman’s Sampler boxes. You can find instructions for decoupaging a box with scrapbook paper at Creative Khadija.


Designer Amy Miller became so excited about repurposing Valentine’s Day chocolate heart boxes she almost couldn’t stop. Miller recommends picking up empty heart boxes at your local dollar store after Valentine’s Day as you can get them at a great discount. Still, you can repurpose and upcycle Valentine’s Day boxes you received as gifts, just make sure to thoroughly remove all traces of chocolate. Miller used simple crafting supplies to transform these heart boxes into hip and trendy gift boxes. Once you have your boxes, you can let your creativity flow. You can use any items you have on hand or purchase items for specifically themed boxes. One of the nice aspects of repurposing chocolate boxes is that you can use a lot of scrap items you may have in your craft supply closet. You’ll find plenty of ideas from Miller’s finished works of art. After seeing how easy, creative and beautiful these gift boxes are, you may never throw away another Valentine’s Day box again.


Artisan Beatriz Jennings designed heart shaped boxes that exude romance and feminity. She utilized beautiful scrapbooking papers for both the inside of the box and the heart-shaped cover. She added a lace trim and a decorative border for the box. The color theme was a pastel pink and the embellishments really make the heart box stand out. She used the same scrapbooking papers to create additional items and finished with a full set. You can find scrapbooking paper in any genre ensuring that you can create a box that expresses your personality and character.


This project repurposes a chocolate heart box, given on Valentine’s Day into a decorative wall hanger used for future Valentine’s celebrations. In this project, you use the inner candy holder and reverse it before spray painting it to give a textured effect. The wall hanging also uses real chocolate candy (you would need to purchase these) that are then affixed to the inside of the box and spray painted for the finished look.

The With Lovely crafting blog features a heart garland crafted from chocolate boxes that have been painted in an array of pastel colors. The project is simple to make but has a very decorative look due to the pastel paints. You may see the tutorial for the heart-shaped garland here.

There are plenty of creative ways you can repurpose and upcycle Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes that ensure your finished box is as useful as it is beautiful.

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