‘Ladies Of London’ Star Juliet Angus Talks Moving Around With Her Family

Juliet Angus is proud to be an American in a group of English ladies on Ladies Of London, and she has often tried to convince the other women of American traditions. Juliet broke down in tears when she couldn’t get Thanksgiving dinner the way she wanted it, and she wanted to celebrate the Fourth of July on her own terms. However, she isn’t fully American, as she has a background from Poland. As it turns out, Angus’ parents tried to raise her with the Polish language and fans saw hints of this on the Ladies of London season finale. And as it turns out, this was something viewers loved.

According to a new Bravo report, Juliet Angus is now revealing that fans loved seeing her talk to her mother about their history, as she visited Angus in London. During their conversation, Juliet revealed that her parents emigrated from Poland to the United States. Her mother, Bernadette, tried to keep the Polish language alive and Juliet Angus likes to think she’s fluent in Polish, even though she struggled a bit during a visit to a grocery store.

“I’ve gotten a great response from that. The more I let people know the background of where I was from, the more they feel connected to you,” Juliet Angus explains to Bravo about her conversation with her mother, where they talked about migrating from Poland to the United States, explaining, “It’s actually nice to watch. I was kind of like, oh, that’s so sweet. That is my life.”

Even though Angus has moved to London to support her husband’s career, she quickly learned that she would be staying alone in their London pad. He was often traveling between Berlin and Stockholm, and Juliet didn’t go back home to visit her hometown of Chicago. As it turns out, Angus grew up in Chicago, and she had to learn English as a second language. And she’s trying to push on these traditions with her own children, Georgina and Truman, as they call Juliet’s mom Babcia today. This means “grandmother” in Polish.

“I just appreciate everything they’ve done and how hard that must have been, not even speaking the language,” Juliet Angus explains to Bravo about what her parents have done for her, adding, “I went to a country that spoke the same language as me (although a lot of people like to think I still don’t speak the same language). It was much, much easier for me to make that transition, so I thank my parents, because I can’t imagine how difficult that was.”

Even though her mother is living a steady life these days, Juliet Angus can spot a lot of similarities between the way her parents moved to Chicago when she was just a child, and then her own move to London with her husband, Gregor Angus. The two had been living in Montreal, Canada before they moved to London, and now Gregor is working in other countries. But it sounds like Juliet Angus may want to stay put in London because of Ladies of London and her growing fashion blog.

“It’s just interesting. I’m living kind of what my family did,” Juliet Angus explains to Bravo, adding, “Of course, it was a much smoother transition for me. My parents came with one suitcase. I came with a boat full of the whole entire house. It’s a little bit different circumstance, but I am mirroring a little bit.”

What do you think of Juliet Angus’ comments about her mother? Are you surprised that she has experienced so much during her childhood, including moving to Chicago as a young child and then moving to London as an adult?

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